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Gtechniq Marine Glass Polish

Gtechniq Marine Glass Polish

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Clear skies, clear seas, clear glass!

GTechniq Marine Glass Polish is a water-based cleaner for glass or plexiglass. Thanks to the specially designed formula of GTechniq Marine Glass Polish, your end result will be a smear and scratch-free finish. Plus, GTechniq Marine Glass Polish will cut through dirt, grime and water spots. Bonus, GTechniq Marine Glass Polish is easy-to-apply!

Salty hair is one thing, salty glass is another. Everyone who owns a boat enjoys the fresh salt air, but not necessarily what it does to the boat’s surfaces, especially when it comes to glass. GTechniq Marine Glass Polish will help to remove the mineral and salt deposits on your surface, amongst other things to keep you seeing clearly.

GTechniq Marine Glass Polish is formulated with nano abrasives and citric acid to achieve the perfect, smear and scratch-free finish. Plus, being on the seas mean your boat will constantly be under the control of the salty air and water, meaning salt and mineral deposits on your surface. But when using GTechniq Marine Glass Polish, you are able to remove both mineral and salt deposits, fast.

Not only that, but GTechniq Marine Glass Polish can cut through the tough stuff, like dirt and grime, and really clean the surface. It also removes unattractive water spots and unwanted tarnishes. All that you will be left with is superior clean glass! This is great news for the physical look of the boat and to help you see better, depending on the type of glass.

Best of all, GTechniq Marine Glass Polish is easy to apply, so you can get your glass looking sharp and hit the open ocean in no time. Once you shake the bottle well, all you have to do is apply GTechniq Marine Glass Polish to a microfiber towel or a polisher and work in a circular motion until your glass is clean. You can repeat as need to see clear waters!

-Shake bottle very well before use
-Load a Gtechniq MF1 Microfibre with the polish or can be used with polishing machines
-Work in a circular motion until the glass is clean.
-Repeat if necessary.

250 ml.
Gtechniq Marine Glass Polish