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Griots Garage Rubber Prep 16 oz.

Griots Garage Rubber Prep 16 oz.Prep rubber trim and tires for the ultimate finish.

Griot's Garage Rubber Prep is an intense cleaner for heavily soiled rubber tires, trim, moldings, seals, and hoses. This gel rubber cleaner removes old dressings and road grime to prepare the surface for a coat of rubber dressing. Get down to the bare rubber with Griot's Garage Rubber Prep.

The Griot's Garage line includes two rubber cleaners: Rubber Cleaner and Rubber Prep. Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner is formulated for regular cleaning of rubber surfaces. It removes everyday grime, oils, and silicones. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep is a more intense cleaner for heavy soil and silicone buildup.

Tire and rubber dressings bond best with a clean surface. Old dressings and oily road films inhibit the bonding of a new dressing. Silicone dressings eventually turn tires and trim brown. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep eliminates all the grease, the dirt, and the silicones to uncover the actual rubber. Your new tire dressing will bond better, last longer, and look better when you start with clean rubber.

Who hasn't gotten wax on black rubber moldings? Griot's Garage Rubber Prep removes wax, silicones, sealants, and oils. We're talking clean. Clean rubber just looks better. It turns out that some of the dressings we use to make our tires look better actually make them look worse because they attract all sorts of dust and dirt. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep removes the dirt and the sticky dressing, so you're left with clean rubber. Use it on vinyl, too.

Griot's Garage Rubber Prep

Griot's Garage Rubber Prep deep cleans rubber to prepare it for vinyl and rubber dressing.

Griot's Garage Rubber Prep removes that brown film from tires. It removes water stains from rubber trim. It removes grease from rubber hoses. You'd think a rubber cleaner this strong would have to be really harsh. Not at all. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep is odorless and has ultra low VOC's.

To use Griot's Garage Rubber Prep, simply wipe it over the rubber surface with a clean foam applicator pad or towel. Just a couple of wipes removes an incredible amount of soil. Next apply Griot's Garage Long-Lasting Tire Dressing or Vinyl & Rubber Dressing.

Griot's Garage Rubber Prep is a car care essential! Clean up soiled, sticky rubber in just a few wipes. Tires and rubber will look newer and dressings will bond better. It all starts with Griot's Garage Rubber Prep.

16 oz.

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