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Griots Garage Machine Polish 4

Griots Garage Machine Polish 4

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Create a flawless finish, even on dark paints!

Griot's Garage Machine Polish 4 is an ultra-fine polish created for those very light swirl marks found on new vehicles. Use Griot's Garage Machine Polish 4 on dark paints in particular to create a rich, deep shine.

Oftentimes, new vehicles will have very light swirls caused by detailing at the dealership. These minor imperfections don't require a heavy polish. The paint is new after all. It just needs Griot's Garage Machine Polish 4. Remove light toweling marks and swirls to restore the showroom luster to new vehicles and to dark paints. Black, red, and other dark paints show imperfections more easily than light paints. Griot's Garage Machine Polish 4 erases light imperfections, even on dark paints.

Griot's Garage Machine Polish 4 is part of Griot's four step polishing system. Griot's machine polishes are different from most swirl removers. They are created specifically for a random orbital polisher (unlike other polishes that are created for rotary buffers) where the friction and temperature on the paint is almost non-existent. Griot's polishing granules are engineered to break down under light pressure, getting smaller and smaller as you use the polish.

Griot's unique chemistry also does away with 50% of the old solvents, allowing you to clean up with water! No other polish does that.

Griot's Garage Machine Polishes are safe and effective at removing swirl marks and scratches from all painted surfaces. Always start with our very mild polish, Machine Polish 3, and repeat as often as you want, until the scratch is gone. If you have severe oxidation or heavy scratches, drop down to Machine Polish 2, or Griot's Machine Polish 1 if need be, then finish up with Machine Polish 3. Machine Polish 4 is Griot's very finest polish and should be used on like-new finishes or as a final polish to perfect dark paints.

Griot's 6 inch Orbital Polisher & Griot's Machine Polish 4

Apply Griot's Machine Polish 4 with the Griot's Orange Polishing Pad to polish the paint to a high gloss.

Griot's Orange Polishing Pad

Use the Griot's Garage Orbital Polisher to apply Machine Polish 4.

Griot's Garage Machine Polish 4 should be applied with a dual action orbital polisher, like Griot's Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher, using a 6 inch Red Wax Pad. Work at a moderate speed as you slowly work the polish in overlapping passes. Buff with a Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloth. Always follow with Griot's Garage Paint Sealant, Carnauba Wax Stick or the fabulous Best of Show Wax® for a truly flawless finish.

Use ultra-fine Machine Polish 4 when you have nearly flawless paint and only have light swirls and toweling marks. (Like new cars that are delivered from the dealership.) It will eliminate those micro-fine toweling marks and swirls, especially in dark paints.

16 oz.

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Rochester, NY
Excellent "final buff" polish
Sadly, the paint finishes of today's cars are a lot "softer" that the acrylic lacquer finishes of my younger days. Therefore, they are subject to more fine scratches that come from simple road debris and/or "crud" in the air that settles on the car, and leaves stains behind. You don't need a strong abrasive polish, to repair these minor imperfections, and Machine Polish 4, along with a foam buffing pad, does the trick.
ProsA good product for fixing small imperfections, or as a "final buff" prior to waxing.