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Griots Garage Track Spray

Remove the rubber from your racecar!

Griots Garage Track Spray is a specially formulated product designed to remove rubber marks from all surfaces safely and efficiently. Manufactured as a thick liquid that will easily cling to wheel wells and rocker panels, Griots Garage Track Spray uses proprietary cleaners that remove the gunk without causing a fuss. Griots Garage Track Spray keeps your racecar looking like a showcar!

What happens when you combine asphalt with a need for speed? Embedded rubber particles in your paint job, that’s what! And while we can’t seem to help ourselves when it comes to going fast, we can make sure our paint jobs always look pristine. Griots Garage Track Spray removes rubber particles from your wheel wells, rocker panels, and any other exterior surface that may have been affected. In fact, it is specially formulated to cling to sheet metal for real-time protection!

Griots Garage Track Spray, while named after the racetrack, is also extremely effective at removing rubber scuff marks from errant traffic cones, runaway shopping carts, and even an angry toddler’s shoes!

Now, you may think that since Griots Garage Track Spray can remove rubber from surfaces, it must be a very strong and perhaps acidic product. However, the opposite is true. The proprietary cleaning agents found in Griots Garage Track Spray allow this cleaner to be gentle AND effective!
Griots Garage Track Spray keeps your racecar looking like a showcar!
22 oz.

Griots Garage Track Spray

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Griots Garage Track Spray