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GlassParency Panel Prep

GlassParency Panel Prep

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The best product to prep your car for any wax, sealant, or coating!

GlassParency Panel Prep is the ideal product to remove any lingering oils or residual contaminants before you apply your GlassParency Graphene Coating! GlassParency Panel Prep can be used on any surface you wish to coat, paint, clear coat, chrome, plastic, or glass! GlassParency Panel Prep couldn't be easier to use thanks to the simple spray and wipe application! Even though GlassParency Panel Prep is an easy product to use, you will notice a vast improvement to the effectiveness of any wax, sealant, or coating you apply afterward!

One of the most important things you can do to make sure that your car always looks its best and is protected from the elements is always protecting it with a wax, sealant, or coating! Each of these products will create a shell of protection over your paint and keep your delicate paint or clear coat out of harms way. However, the effectiveness of these products is highly dependent on how well they are able to bond to your car's surface. There are a multitude of different substances that can interfere with this bond, oils, dust, contaminants, detergents, and many more. So, making sure the surface is completely clear of these substances is crucial to optimizing the performance of your wax, sealant, or coating.

GlassParency Panel Prep is the best way to make sure these substances are cleaned off of your car! GlassParency Panel Prep contains powerful cleaning agents that will breakdown these common substances and remove the bond they have to your car. Once their bond is broken, you will be able to wipe them away easily and safely with a microfiber towel. Once the surface is perfectly cleaned with GlassParency Panel Prep, you'll be ready to apply your wax, sealant, or coating with confidence!

Mist GlassParency Panel Prep onto a cool surface.
Gently wipe with a soft, clean, microfiber towel.
Flip the towel periodically to avoid over-saturating it.
Wipe the surface until the product flashes and dissipates.
To remove waxes/sealants, follow the same procedure above and repeat until all hydrophobic properties are no longer present

16 oz.

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GlassParency Panel Prep