Forever Black

Forever Black

Forever Black products will beautify and protect tires, moldings, trim, and bumpers. These 100% silicone free products will bring out the deep richness in black surface areas.

In 1994, Jim Carrey had us laughing in the theaters and Jeff Gordon, entitled "The Hot New Kid", made the cover of Stock Car Racing Magazine. In Northern California, a new company called Forever Black introduced the first of many car care products. Rather than using silicones, Forever Black specialized their dye to hold color truer and longer than any other dye.

The results can be seen in the showroom, on the road, and in driveways all across America, as it forever changed the appearance of trim and molding. Forever Black products are superior in every way. The high quality dye includes UV protectants that will reverse the appearance of sun damage. Dirt and grime are eliminated from the surface of the vehicle through a unique preventative guard within the formula.

Forever Black works great on trim, rubber, plastic or vinyl. All shades of color will benefit from these products. Here are Forever Black products we are happy to offer:

Forever Black Tire Gel Kit (8 oz Tire Gel, Foam Applicator): This black pigmented polymer is water based, and silicone and oil free. Most tire "dressings" last for days while Forever Black last for up to 30 washes. Radiance and a deep, even black richness are two of the after effects of using Forever Black. In just one application, tires receive the TLC they need to look as great as they perform. The Tire Gel is packaged with a special patent-pending foam applicator and 8 ounces of Forever BLACK Tire Gel. It only takes minutes to apply, and the results will last for months.

Forever Black Bumper and Trim Dye Kit (4oz Cleaning Concentrate and 4 oz Forever Black Dye): Forever Black Dye Refill can be used on bumpers, spoilers, mud guards, door handles, and body and trim moldings. Damage from UV rays is instantly covered with application of this product. Protect bumpers and trim from harmful UV rays while also permanently covering fading.

Forever Black Dye Refill with Applicator Top (4oz): Forever Black Dye is so useful, that it is common to re-order this refill for additional projects. This refill provides 4 ounces of Forever Black Dye. The applicator shape provides even dye distribution.

Forever BLACK™ Truck Bed Liner Gel gives your bed liner a new look with one easy application. This silicone-free gel restores your liner's rich luster. The non-slippery surface can last at least 6 months under normal conditions.

Forever BLACK™ Black-Top gel will rejuvenate your faded sun-damaged tops (vinyl, convertible, bimini and soft tops) to a rich black luster. This environmentally friendly, silicone-free, black-pigmented polymer will keep your vehicle in tip "top" condition. With built-in UV protectants, Black-Top gel will protect your top from further sun damage.

All Forever Black products are 100% silicone free and are proudly made in the USA. To reverse the effects of sun damage, dull surfaces, or remove wax residue, choose Forever Black, for results that last... forever!