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FLEX L3403 VRG Lightweight Rotary Polisher FREE SHIPPING!

For a limited time, receive a Free Lake Country 6 inch Backing Plate AND an Autogeek Professional Detailing Apron with your purchase of the FLEX L3403 VRG Polisher! A $44.98 value.

Powerful rotary action in a compact polisher!

The FLEX L3403 VRG Lightweight Circular Polisher is built for speed and effortless operation. This compact circular polisher is modeled after the FLEX 3401 VRG in size and user-friendly features. Yet, the L3403 VRG has the speed to produce a professional, swirl-free finish. At only 5 pounds, this is our most user-friendly circular polisher!

The FLEX L3403 VRG Lightweight Circular Polisher is slim, lightweight, and powerful! Remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation like a circular machine, but the L3403 is so light and easy to use, you'd think it was an orbital. If you've found circular/rotary polishers to be heavy and cumbersome in the past, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the L3403.

The FLEX L3403 VRG Lightweight Circular Polisher has the German quality you've come to expect from FLEX. The polisher features FLEX seven-fold microprocessor electronics. This gives the polisher consistent speed control by tachometer generator, soft start, accelerator trigger switch, restart protection after power interruption, overload protection, temperature monitoring, and speed selection. All those features are packed into a light, 5 lb. polisher!

Perform job after job tirelessly! The FLEX L3403 VRG Lightweight Circular Polisher delivers the same paint correcting power as a larger circular with speeds from 1100 -3700 RPM, but it's much lighter. Use the included side handle or bail handle.

The FLEX 3403 VRG polishes paint to a mirror shine.
Achieve uniform, flawless results on large body panels with the smooth, controlled motion of the FLEX L3403 VRG Polisher!

The FLEX 3403 Lightweight Circular Polisher polishes like a circular but is light and user friendly like a dual action buffer.
The lightweight FLEX polisher allows you to work tirelessly on large vehicles.

As if that weren't impressive enough, the FLEX L3403 VRG Polisher has shut-off carbon brushes. When the carbon brushes wear down, the motor automatically shuts off to avoid damage.

A high powered motor can handle extreme loads for heavy duty polishing jobs.

The light-weight FLEX polishing machine with accelerator trigger switch for sanding and polishing. Work up to your set speed to avoid fast starts. You'll get smooth, even results with no holograms.

A 6 inch backing plate is recommended for the FLEX L3403 VRG Lightweight Circular Polisher. With the Flexible 6 Inch Rotary Backing Plate, you can use 7.5 inch CCS Foam PadsThe backing plate is sold separately.

The FLEX L3403 VRG Lightweight Circular Polisher packs all the paint correcting power and speed of a circular buffer into a compact, user-friendly machine. Take it for a spin and you'll see how easy it can be to polish like a professional!

The FLEX includes everything you see here.


  • FLEX seven-fold microprocessor electronics: with consistent speed control by tachometer generator, soft start, accelerator trigger switch, restart protection after power interruption, overload protection, temperature monitoring, and speed selection
  • High-powered motor: can handle extreme loads
  • Spindle lock: for easy disc changes
  • Quality shut-off carbon brushes: if the carbon brushes wear down, the motor will be automatically switched off and thus protected from damage
  • Bail handle
  • 4 m (13 ft.) power cord


Technical Specifications

Max. polishing pad diameter 160 mm or 6.3 inches
Max. backing plate diameter 160 mm or 6.3 inches
Speed without load 1100-3700 rpm
Power input 1400 Watt
Power output 880 Watt
Weight 2.20 kg (4.8 lbs.)

1 year manufacturer warranty

Made in Germany.

Backing Plate sold separately.

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  • Please call for an expedited shipping quote on this item.1-800-869-3011

FLEX L3403 VRG Lightweight Rotary Polisher FREE SHIPPING!

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By jsmet
August 20, 2016
Good rotary at a good price
I purchased this rotary in order to learn how to use this type of polisher and deal with the benefits as well as the shortcomings. I have a Flex 3401 and a Griot's Garage 6 inch, so I wanted the experience of a rotary. Right away I noticed how this type of machine can quickly erase imperfections that can be beyond any random orbital polisher's capabilities. Water spots that I just could not get out of my hood with either the 3401 or GG 6" disappeared after a couple of passes with the 3403. So having a rotary AND a random orbital can have it's advantages if you are careful of the harm that can occur with misuse of a rotary. I have to say that I'm satisfied and glad that I picked up a rotary polisher.
ProsThe correction and leveling ability of a rotary polisher is something that I think is still beyond random orbital machines.
ConsThe trade off is the harm which can occur if the rotary polisher is not correctly used. Holograms can also be left on a paint finish. The experience of developing one's technique with a rotary polisher is something I had to experience if I wanted to continue my evolution in detailing.
By chris scalzi
May 7, 2015
Flex L3403
Very light weight, yet powerful. Handier than a full size rotary, great for boats.
By Dwight Carson
October 7, 2013
Very disappointed
I am very very disappointed in this polisher. I loved the size of it and the weight. It was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I polished three cars with it, and polished my boat with it once. On my second time polishing my boat I noticed the black part of the housing getting hot. The next day when I decided to finish the boat with another pass of swirl remover, the black casing got extremely hot to where I could not hold it, so I shut it off and let it sit while I ate lunch, then came back and it would not start. This polisher is not old at all and has very little run time on it, but I still had to break out a ten year old Makita to finish the job. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED. I have cyclos that are 15 years old and still run perfect and this one could not even make it through 20 hours of run time.
By jc
April 11, 2011
flex light weight
It is good enough to get the job done, but the downside is the handle is too big and not as comfortable as the mikita and dewalt.
By Infinite Detail
November 21, 2010
Amazing machine
We bought this machine for the light weight and because of Flex's excellent reputation. We already own a 3401 and love it. The 3403 is so lightweight and quiet it is hard to believe it is a rotary polisher! Yet it removes defects and levels paint just like all of those heavy and bulky models. Best money we ever spent!
By Ron
November 23, 2009
Flex light weight
Great for side panels because of the weight. It's a whopping 3.5 lbs. iighter than the Dewalt and 2 lbs. lighter than the Makita.
By Ryan
July 8, 2008
Excellent Rotary
The Flex is a great new addition to the rotary buffer field. The weight difference between it and a Makita is noticeable (almost 2 pounds). The only problems I've noticed is that the lowest speed is relatively high (1100 rpm). Also, for the first 50 or so hours on the machine, it can get very hot. However, that problem seems to correct itself after the break-in period so it isn't a very big deal. Overall, its an excellent machine and I'm very pleased after purchasing it.