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Duragloss Interior Detailer 22 oz.

Duragloss Interior Detailer 22 oz.

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Interior protection to make others feel inferior.

Duragloss Interior Detailer gives your interior plastic, chrome, leather and vinyl everything they need to stay looking as good as new. Keep your interior clean from whatever damage is thrown its way, as Duragloss Interior Detailer rids your car of any contaminant it faces. Duragloss Interior Detailer provides ultimate protection against contaminants and UV damage.

Cars have many different types of interior surfaces; some have many types of surfaces in one car. You shouldn’t have to buy multiple products to clean and protect each of them. Save time and money and have one powerful product that does it all for you in one easy-to-use bottle!

Duragloss Interior Detailer keeps all of your interior surfaces clean and free of contaminants. Made without alcohol, silicones or waxes, this product will not leave any oily or greasy residue behind, just a clean surface. Duragloss Interior Detailer will gently remove smudges, fingerprints and dust without harming the finish. So, don’t worry about spilled drinks, messy kids or pets, you now have the solution to clean it up! Plus, Duragloss Interior Detailer leaves a fresh scent behind!

Your interior is your sanctuary when driving, make it a more enjoyable space with Duragloss Interior Detailer. No one wants to drive in a car with a faded, cracked or discolored interior. These are effects of UV rays. You may think your interior can’t be affected by these rays, but don’t forgot how powerful the sun can be! Duragloss Interior Detailer protects your car against these rays, helping your plastic, chrome, leather and vinyl surfaces keep their original look.

Protection has never been so easy. With an adjustable spray top, all you have to do is spray Duragloss Interior Detailer onto a microfiber towel/applicator, apply to the surface and wipe until dry. The product will dry quickly, and you’ll be ready to move along to your next detailing step or to get on the road in freshly cleaned interior. Duragloss Interior Detailer saves you time, money and elbow-grease, allowing you to clean all your interior surfaces with just one effective product.

-Adjust sprayer to fine mist.
-Apply product to applicator or microfiber towel.
-Wipe surface until dry.

22 oz.

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Duragloss Interior Detailer 22 oz.