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Dr. Beasley's Bug Barrier

Dr. Beasley's Bug Barrier

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Make bug splatter no big matter!

Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier will let you preemptively stop the menace that is bug splatter before it becomes a gigantic, clear-coat eating mess. Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier creates a barrier of protection on the surface that will not only prevent the damage that bug splatter can cause, but also make cleaning the residue off much easier than before. When you use Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier, all you will have to do to effectively clean the bug residue off your paint is simply rinse them away with water. Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier doesn’t just tackle bugs, it will protect your paint from small rock chips, tar, sap, and other light contaminants.

Bugs are one of the most troublesome messes that will get on your paint. Not only do they tarnish any paint surface they end up on, the thought of having hundreds of dead bugs resting on your paint surface is a disturbing one. On top of that, bug remains are one of the most difficult contaminants to clean off the surface of your paint. In the past, the only way to ensure that all the remains were removed effectively was to use extremely strong cleaners that ran the risk of damaging your paint as much as the bugs themselves. Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier takes all the risk out of cleaning insects off your paint and speeds the process up greatly!

Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier is a clear layer of protection that you apply to the front of your car or any other area that is frequently affected by bug remains. Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier shields your paint from the bug remains, preventing them from ever affecting your vehicle’s surfaces. Once it’s time to clean the mess away, all you have to do is simply grab your hose and rinse the bug remains away. Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier makes cleaning bugs easier than applying an instant detailer!

If you find yourself without the time to clean the insect remains off your paint immediately after your drive, you don’t have to worry about any potential etching and staining. The bug debris will simply rest on top of the durable shield created by Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier. The acids from the remains will never be given the opportunity to eat away at your clear coat!

Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier doesn’t only stop insects though! You will be able to protect your car from a slew of potentially damaging contaminants with Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier. Your precious paint is protected from contaminants such as bird droppings, tar, and sap just as effectively as insect remains! Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier even takes it one step further and also protects your paint from small rock chips and other road debris!

1. Shake well.
2. Spray directly onto a clean microfiber cloth. Wipe the surface, being sure to get full, even coverage.
3. Let dry.
4. Reapply after heavy rain and each wash for maximum protection.

12 oz.

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