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> > > McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go 128 oz.

McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go 128 oz.

Wash and refresh your vehicle’s shine without water!

McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go has been reformulated to clean better than ever while it protects the paint with slicker shine-enhancing polymers. McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go removes dirt and grime like a first rate car wash and has the added benefit of a clear, protective coating that enhances any surface.

The beauty of a waterless wash is that it is incredibly fast and you don't have to deal with a bucket and hose. You can wash your car on your lunch break if you want. It will take you five minutes and your vehicle will look like you spent all morning detailing it. McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go in this ready-to-use formula requires no diluting and application requires only a microfiber towel. You can wash your vehicle any time, anywhere!

Spray waterless wash directly onto the panel
Spray a liberal amount of waterless wash onto the panel to be cleaned
Wipe clean using a soft towel
Wipe clean using a soft, plush microfiber towel
Check out how dirty the towel is!
That's it! Your vehicle will be clean and shiny in minutes
McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go lifts contaminants, such as dirt, grease, oil, and bird droppings, off the vehicle’s exterior just like a regular car wash. The high lubricity formula is packed with surface-protecting polymers to prevent scratching. When used with a plush microfiber towel, McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go is a safe, fast, and effective way to regain a just-washed shine.

McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go does more than wash your vehicle – it leaves a clear coating of protection! The polymers bond to the vehicle to enhance cleaned surfaces. The coating is crystal clear and barely perceptible, except you’ll notice a richer finish. Use McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go on paint, glass, plastics, and metal. Use it on the wheels, tires, and exterior rubber trim, too.

There’s no waterless wash as versatile as McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go! Use it inside the vehicle to clean and protect dashboards, door panels, vinyl, and plastics. It dries clear and clean to the touch, and it will not attract dust.

McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go is the perfect solution to washing your vehicle when time is limited or when the weather is not working in your favor. It’s also an excellent product for a professional detailer to use to give a vehicle a final wipe- down before returning it to a customer. The blend of cleaning agents and lubricants will allow you to safely wash your vehicle without water!

Use McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go as often as necessary to maintain a clean vehicle.


McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go is ready to use in the convenient spray bottle.

  1. Simply spray and wipe to clean surfaces. Use a plush microfiber towel, such as the Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel to absorb dirt. Flip the towel often.
  2. On lower panels – usually the dirtiest – allow McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go to soak for a few seconds before wiping it off.
  3. On glass, less McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go is needed. Use a clean towel and just one or two sprays of McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go.
128 oz.

Use McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go on interiors as well!
Don't stop at the outside of your car! McKee's 37 can be used to clean leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces on the interior as well

Remote Trigger Sprayer

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Fits 64 oz. and 128 oz. bottles. Choose the sprayer option in the drop-down menu in the order box.

McKee's 37 Waterless Wash On The Go 128 oz.

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83% Recommend this product (5 of 6 responses)
Great product, high gloss shine with only one wipe
This is the best waterless wash I have ever used. I had previously used many different waterless washes and although I liked all of them to some degree, I was never "wowed" by one of them before until I used McKee's 37 waterless wash. I couldn't believe the high gloss shine I got on my dark blue paint with just one wipe of a clean microfiber towel. I kept thinking that I would find a dull haze or drip lines on the paint when I put the car outside in bright sunshine but it was actually perfectly clear, as if I had just waxed the car. The "just waxed" look lasted a few days which is what you would expect without actually waxing the car. I use this product just about every three days during the spring and summer when pollen and dust coatings are a frequent occurrence and I don't want to do a formal wash of the car.
ProsEasy to use, high gloss shine
over all good easy pre cleaner and dust remover.
easy on and off . I also use after wash while car is wet then dry off for a glossy shine.
Thousand Oaks, Ca.
DP Waterless Auto Wash
DP Waterless Auto Wash is terrific, it goes on and comes off easily. Makes the surface (black) shine. It protects well.
ProsIt goes on easily with a spray bottle, and wipes off easy. Use a microfiber cloth and turn it often.
ConsYou have to start with a clean surface, if there is any dirt or dust, it can scratch or put swirls in the paint
Central Texas
First time user
Exactly as described. Great product for inbetween details and for everyday large or small touch ups.
Waterless Auto Wash
I have found this product to work great for quick and easy cleaning of my cars when I quickly need to clean a spot of the car off so that I can use tat and bug cleaner or to treat exterior trim. Also great for quick cleaning after rainstorms.