McKee's 37 Power Wash

Thick, foamy formula?  Check!  Real carnauba wax protection?  Check!  McKee's 37 Power Wash is the car shampoo you’ve been waiting for!

McKee's 37 Power Wash is a high-foaming, wax-infused shampoo that gently removes dirt and road grime while adding real carnauba wax protection to your vehicle.  McKee's 37 Power Wash is the only high-yield foaming auto shampoo that contains carnauba wax, increasing protection and shine after every wash.  The thick, rich foam created by McKee's 37 Power Wash encapsulates dirt particles, eliminating the chance of wash-induced swirl marks and scratches.  McKee's 37 Power Wash is the auto shampoo that does it all!

McKee's 37 Power Wash cleans, shines, and protects in one step!
McKee's 37 Power Wash cleans, shines, and protects! Real carnauba wax increases protection and shine every each wash.

McKee's 37 Power Wash really excels when used in a foam gun or foam cannon.  This highly concentrated shampoo creates mounds of thick, frothy foam that explode out of your foam gun, covering your vehicle in what appears to be several inches of snow!  The high viscosity of McKee's 37 Power Wash allows the suds to cling to the vehicle in order to begin grabbing dirt and oil on contact.  With the help of a soft, clean sponge or wash mitt, your vehicle will be squeaky clean with this super-sudsing, wax-infused wash.

Not all soaps are created equal, and McKee's 37 Power Wash is proof.  Traditional car wash soaps require 5 ounces of solution per 5 gallon bucket of water.  Now GET THIS:  Only 2 ounces of McKee's 37 Power Wash is needed to create several gallons of the thickest, slickest car wash solution you’ve ever used.  Not only is McKee's 37 Power Wash extremely concentrated, it also contains real carnauba wax that increases both shine and protection after every wash.

McKee's 37 Power Wash is pH-balanced to retain the existing wax protection on your vehicle.  A benefit of formulating this high-yield foaming auto shampoo with real carnauba wax is that it actually EXTENDS the life expectancy of your wax or sealant while restoring the shine and slickness after each wash.  This pH-balanced foaming auto shampoo is compatible with all waxes, sealants, and paint coatings. 

McKee's 37 Power Wash works great in a foam cannon or foam gun!
McKee's 37 Power Wash maximizes the performance of foam guns and foam cannons. With a daily driver that's close to 20 feet long, the foam gun paired with the Montana Boar's Hair Car Wash Brush is the only way to wash a large truck or SUV!
McKee's 37 Power Wash creates mountains of thick foam
The thick, froathy foam created by McKee's 37 Power Wash releases dirt and grime.
McKee's 37 Power Wash creates thick foam that clings to the vehicle
McKee's 37 Power Wash creates foam so thick it even clings to vertical surfaces!

Water spots are a problem that plagues car care enthusiasts living in regions with hard water.  Water softeners in McKee's 37 Power Wash help offset the effects of hard water so your vehicle dries with fewer water spots.  These softening agents also allow the shampoo to achieve its full foaming potential.

McKee's 37 Power Wash works for you to help eliminate wash-induced swirl marks and scratches by lubricating the surface with thick, frothy foam and lubricating oils.  These lubricants wrap around dirt and suspend it just above the paint surface, where it cannot scratch the paint. The oils nourish the paint to deepen the color and enhance the shine.

Inject some gloss into your wash with McKee's 37 Power Wash!


McKee's 37 Power Wash works great with a Montana Boar's Hair BrushFoam Gun

  1. Pour two ounces of McKee's 37 Power Wash into the foam gun’s reservoir. Fill with 6-8 ounces of water. Shake well for maximum foam. Set the multi-ratio stem to the maximum foam output, which is the last notch.
    Note: the Autogeek, Pinnacle and McKee's 37 Foam Guns all feature a quick connect between the hose nozzle and foam gun’s lid. Filling and shaking the foam gun is easier if you release this quick connect.
  2. Turn the water on and coat the vehicle in foam, one section at a time. You can pre-soak the vehicle and then follow up with your wash mitt or follow along with your mitt as you spray the vehicle. Either method is effective.
  3. Wash from the top of the vehicle down and rinse your mitt often to prevent swirls. Rinse the vehicle often. Use a Montana Boar's Hair Car Wash Brush on larger vehicles.
  4. Once the vehicle is washed and rinsed, dry it with a Cobra Guzzler Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towel to prevent water spots.
McKee's 37 Power Wash dries without creating water spotsWash Bucket
  1. Pour 2-3 ounces of McKee's 37 Power Wash into a 5 gallon wash bucket, such as the Pinnacle Complete Wash System. Activate foam with a strong jet of water.
  2. Wash the vehicle as directed above.
  3. Once the vehicle is washed and rinsed, dry it with a Cobra Guzzler Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towel to prevent water spots. Pictured to the right Meghan is using the Ultima Guzzler - it is our biggest drying towel and it even features pockets!

16 oz.

Made in USA

McKee's 37 Power Wash

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Amazing Results!
Its flat out amazing. Does a great job of actually cleaning a vehicle but also provides real carnauba wax protection that you can see as your rinsing it off. Brings out a deep shine that lasts! You will not be disappointed.
ProsCleans very easily, uses only 2oz (could probably use less) for a full sized truck, Provides shine and gloss that you get from carnauba and protection as well.
Wow - Great Stuff!
Received it yesterday and had to wash the car today by very impressed. Cleans well and the shine is impressive.
ProsFoam, clean and shines - best wash/wax I have used to date.
West Chester, PA
Good stuff
Used with my foam gun, great suds, cleaned well
I've come to love the XMT gel shampoo/conditioner (bright yellow soap - almost glows) and purchased a few extra bottles before XMT was replaced. So this is my starting point for comparison. 2 weeks ago I purchased $150 or more and rec'vd some really awesome free products with said order; one of which was the new Power Wash.

I used it for the first time just a few days after it arrived - yes I was anxious. It just happens that this same morning I'd driven through quite a downpour and in an area with road construction - translation: lots of mud on the road. Because I keep my car regularly waxed, I would have driven home, rinsed off the car and would barely have needed to 'wash it'. But this time I was unable to do so, and the car then sat in the sun for 6 hours - and that meant some dried dirt spots on the sides, especially lower quarter panels. I used one ounce of Power Wash and a microfiber mitt, and the dirt came off effortlessly. I noticed this soap definitely created more suds and had more lubrication that the previous XMT gel. The suds cling to the car more, and rinsed off eaiser too. But perhaps the biggest thing I noticed was how well the car dried off. 99% of the time I used a drying aid, but this time I opted not to because I was testing just the Power Wash. The car dried easier and left no streaking whatsoever. The car felt really 'clean' under touch.

ProsCreates lots of suds and lubrication Car feels clean when done and drys easier than with other washes Smells great
ConsGotta use up all my XMT gel shamppo first before I purchase a gallon of this liquid joy :-)
One of the BEST soaps i have used. Great in the foam gun and bucket. This soap excells where others fail. Great for maintaining any LSP.
ProsLubricity Foam/Suds Clean rinse Safe for any LSP.