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DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax

DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax

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Two-in-one made easy!

DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax is the time saver youíve been looking for. Washing your car is a time-consuming job all on its own, especially if you have a large car and waxing is a whole other beast. Why not save time with DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax, where you can do both in one step? Wash AND wax your car with this appropriately named product, DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax. With a pH-balanced formula, you know DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax is safe on your surface without causing adverse effects. DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax rinses your car cleanly without leaving streaks or spots. Plus, the wax component protects your surface and boosts any additional protective products on your surface.

Washing and waxing your car are two key steps towards a beautiful looking car. Though crucial, they are both time consuming, especially depending on how detailed you want to go. Besides that, you canít wax your car without washing it first! But if we are being honest, we donít always have time for that. Save time and wax while you wash with DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax.

What you can expect:
• RINSES AWAY CLEAN! That means no streaking or spotting!
• BOOSTS! If you already have wax or sealant applied, this product will enhance it even more!
• PH BALANCED! The healthy range for safe formulas!

First and foremost, DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax cleans your car, just as a car wash should. It has a pH-balanced formula, meaning it is in the safe zone between being acidic and alkaline, things you donít want to have in your car washing liquid. The formula is engineered to clean the carís surface of dirt, dust and other environmental contaminants. Bird droppings and sap, we are talking about you too. The wash rinses away cleanly, without the streaking or spotting that tends to come with most car washes.

Second and equally as important, is the waxing portion of DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax. The waxing portion adds a layer of protection to your surface, even on top of any existing waxes or sealants. In fact, the wax in DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax will only enhance the original protection. When it protects, it will add a layer for hydrophobicity. For those of you who donít know that word, donít fear, it simply means it will cause water to bead up and roll of the surface. If youíre thinking, so what? So, a lot of things! For the most part, it will stop water and other contaminants from sitting on your surface. Instead, it will roll off, leaving your paint a little bit cleaner and your field of vision through car windows, much clearer!

Directions for use:
1. Make sure you are working out of direct sunlight.
2. Youíre going to have to do some math hereÖ Mix 1 oz. of product per 128 oz. of water in a 5-gallon bucket.
3. Once you have the correct amount of product and solution in the bucket, stream a strong jet of water into the bucket.
4. Begin washing your vehicle using best practices. This includes using the correct, clean microfiber towels and wash mitts. Wash the car from top to bottom.
5. Do not let the solution dry on surface, rinse and dry thoroughly after washing.

16 oz.

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DP Ultimate Wash-N-Wax
Like it enough that I just ordered two more.
ProsBetter than the old DP wash I remember and really good price.