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McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer New & Improved!

New and improved!
  • Shoulder Strap (for added comfort)
  • Locking Hose (will not accidentally detach from unit during use)
  • New color!

Dry your car in 5 minutes or less without scratching it!

McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer is a lightweight, handheld car dryer that is powerful enough to blow water off your vehicle, leaving it with a streak and scratch free finish after every wash! Use the McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dyer to dry your entire vehicle, or to simply blast water from cracks and crevices, behind emblems, in between body panels, and anywhere else water can hide. McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer features a powerful 6.5 peak horsepower motor that blows filtered air onto your vehicle, making it easier than ever to dry your car while avoiding water spots – even in direct sun!

McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer blows water out of cracks and crevices
Water cannot hide from the McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer!
McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer is perfect for drying modern and classic cars
Vinyl-coated nozzle ensures delicate surfaces do not get scratched if contact occurs.
Modern clear coat finishes are extremely scratch sensitive – that’s a fact. You have to ask yourself this question: does repeatedly rubbing a towel across the paint make it better? What’s the opposite of better? WORSE! You can be as careful as can be, but sooner or later you will create micro scratches and swirl marks by repeatedly rubbing a leather chamois or drying towel across your vehicle’s scratch-sensitive clear coat finish. Cut down your towel usage with the McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer.

McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer was designed by car guys for car guys (and gals!). Forget dealing with annoying water spots caused by water that was hidden behind emblems and between body panels – blow it out with the McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer.

Let’s get to the specs: First and foremost, we weren’t kidding when we said the McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer was designed by car guys for car guys. First, the unit packs a whopping 6.5 peak horsepower motor that draws its power from a 35 foot power cord, eliminating the need for extension cords and helping you avoid electrical shock altogether. Second, the air is heated and filtered, meaning you’ll never blow dirt, sand or leaves into your precious clear coat finish at high velocities. Third, the 6 foot flexible hose features a vinyl-coated nozzle that will not scratch or mar your paint if contact accidentally occurs. Fourth, the included shoulder strap provides added convenience. Last, but certainly not least, the McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer is proudly MADE IN USA.

McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryers makes it fast and easy to dry your entire car!
McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer is lightweight and easy to hold on to. The 35 foot power cord eliminates the need for extension cords, and the 6 foot flexible hose has a far reach. Use the included shoulder strap for added comfort and convenience!

McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer is powerful enough to dry your entire car without taxing your muscles. It only weighs a couple pounds, and the 6 foot hose is long enough to reach the roof of most vehicles. If it doesn’t reach all the way, the powerful 6.5 peak horsepower motor packs enough of a punch to blast the water off, even if it’s held a couple feet from the panel.

You’ll love using the McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer on wheels and tires after you wash your car. Most new vehicles have complex wheel designs where water loves to hide, and we all know there’s nothing more annoying than drips of water running down your tire as you apply a coat of your favorite tire gel. Water cannot hide from the McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer and its 6.5 peak horsepower motor!

1 year warranty.

Made in USA

McKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer New & Improved!

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98% Recommend this product (51 of 52 responses)
By Alan
Hampstead, MD
April 3, 2018
Ok for small areas
This blower is fine for small areas, large body panels are impossible to blow water off of with this product....
ProsGest water out of small areas, Hot air is a plus
ConsNot strong enough to use without a drying towel
By Brian
March 21, 2018
Needs refinement
First, it does dry cars well. Second, the hose is far too long but the cord is plenty long. Third, the strap is helpful but seems like an afterthought. Had to use safety pin to keep it at same length and it just clips around the handle. Fourth, soft nozzle is nice but uses silly zip tie to hold on. Should be a turn and snap or threaded connection. Overall, I still like but needs refinement for an updated version...
By Dave
February 18, 2018
It’s ok
I recently purchased this after looking at it for quite some time. I always wanted to give it a try and thought it was a great idea, so after getting it I was a little disappointed as the part that was supposed to be improved was in fact broken. I don’t live all that far from Autogeek so I drove up to have it replaced, they handled my issue great and I’m much appreciative. I think the improvements they made aren’t that great as the hose still comes off of the new coupler lock. The strap and it’s location on the device could be better designed and the hose is a little long. Overall it works pretty good. I would probably skip buying it again, it’s just ok.
ProsDecent power, optional tips
ConsPoorly designed strap and mounting location. The hose is to long. The handle that the tip locks on to comes off the hose, and the hose still comes out of the blower.
By Scott
Grand Rapids, MI
January 26, 2018
Well done!
The blower does a great job. The clamp to tighten the hose is not what I would select. Why not just a normal hose clamp instead of a clamp that requires unique tools?
ProsEnough power, and long enough hose. Even enough length on the plug to do the job
ConsHose clamp is odd.
By Karl
boca raton, fl
December 24, 2016
Works great - strap needs improvement
Got this on a 25% off sale, so happy with the price and performance. Only issue is with the strap. What gets shipped is pretty much useless and there's no where I can find to attach it, other than the handle. I ended up using an old padded laptop bag strap which works much better. IMO there should be a couple of d-rings where you can attach a good strap. 5 stars on the performance, 4 overall because of the strap
ProsPrice, performance and size