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DP "Not Your Father's" SiO2 Paste Wax

DP "Not Your Father's" SiO2 Paste Wax

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For a surface so slick, you'll have to do a double take!

DP "Not Your Father's" Paste Wax is just that, not your father’s paste wax, it's yours. Made for the next generation of detailers, DP "Not Your Father’s" Paste Wax supplies SiO2 protection which results in a slick, high-gloss shine. DP "Not Your Father's" Paste Wax will last longer than a traditional carnauba wax.

Before we start explaining the benefits of DP "Not Your Father's" Paste Wax, let's make sure whether or not 'this is the 'wax' you are looking for…". A paste wax is more for the experienced detailer or at least one who has more time on their hands. A paste wax requires more elbow grease as you have to add the product to a foam applicator and work in small surface sections at time. Also, usually, if not always, paste wax is one of the last steps of the detailing process and if you'd like to proceed with this step, it's important that your car is clean, meaning it has been washed, dried, clayed and even polished. If you are prepared to tackle those steps, then DP "Not Your Father's" Paste Wax is the perfect addition to your process.

What you can expect:
•SIO2 PROTECTION! Say hello to hydrophobicity and protection!
•SHINES! Prepare for shiny, glossy, slick look!
•MADE TO LAST! Protection and shine will last longer than a typical wax.
DP 'Not Your Father's' SiO2 Paste Wax will glide easily while you apply it to your paint! DP 'Not Your Father's' SiO2 Paste Wax will buff off easily, allowing you to wax your car more quickly than with other waxes
The simple 2 step application process of DP "Not Your Father's" SiO2 Paste Wax will prove to you that SiO2 protection does not have to mean a difficult application!

Let's break this down because there are a lot of buzz words surrounding this product. SiO2 is one of those buzz words. For those of you who slacked off in science (we don't blame you), SiO2 is also known as "silica" or as "silicon dioxide." So, what do these fancy words mean? Basically, SiO2 will provide your paint with a wet-glossy shine, more saturation of the paint color (meaning the colors will really pop), it will be easier to keep clean and it will be more protective against environmental hazards and UV rays. Carnauba is another word you've probably heard before. Carnauba at its core means a warm wax. While, an SiO2 wax gives it a more reflective look with a greater amount of protection. The DP “Not Your Father’s” SiO2 Paste Wax was developed to have superior properties to carnauba: higher contact angle which creates stronger beading, stronger chemical/detergent resistance, higher UV absorptivity. There are no natural ingredients like carnauba wax within the blend. It’s the synthetic wax with SiO2 resins and polymers So, in the case of DP "Not Your Father's" Paste Wax, you are choosing a reflective, protective wax.

DP "Not Your Father's" Paste Wax also makes your car's surface hydrophobic (another buzzword). You will hear this word often in detailing, it's a good thing. When a surface is hydrophobic, meaning those little water drops that fall onto your car will bead up and roll right off the car. This helps to keep your car clean as the water drops run off the car with the contaminants they are carrying. This makes the car even easier to clean in the future!

Enough with all that technical talk, let's get down to what you really want to know… 'how's my car going to look rolling down the road?'. To put it simply, super shiny and sleek. Your car will have that wet look, the look as though the paint is so sleek that you would just slip right off it. And to be honest, if you tried to Dukes of Hazzard it, you probably would fall right off. Your car will also have a more saturated look, making your colors look more vibrant. This waxing step may take longer than others, but it will be worth the time and effort.

1. Make sure applying this product on a cool surface and out of direct sunlight.
2. If necessary, wash, dry, clay and polish your vehicle before applying this product.
3. Working one section of the car at a time, apply a thin layer of wax to the surface using a polyfoam applicator.
4. Allow approximately 1 to 3 minutes for wax to flash and haze before buffing away.
5. Once 1-3 minutes has passed, buff away with a clean microfiber towel.
6. Continue to do the same thing around the rest of the car.
*If the wax appears to be 'smeary', it is likely that too much wax was applied. In this case, use a coating a prep spray to remove the wax before applying again.*

8 oz.

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Great shine and slick feel.
Nice paste wax. I machine applied with a 3†DA & it went on easy. I ended up overloading the pad and applied too much for the final 2 panels which made removal more difficult so keep an eye out for that.
Bronx New York
Great paste wax
This paste wax is a great wax. Easy on easy off. A little goes a long way. Follow the steps clay car then apply by hand section by section. No need to let dry to a haze. But I let all paste wax I use dry. Then wipe away with a clean microfiber towel. And boom you have a nice deep gloss shine.
ProsPrice and easy on easy off.
Glenshaw , PA
Bang for buck ceramic wax
This is one of the best values for a ceramic wax. Tons of applications per jar. Good self-cleaning, easy application, nice candy shine. It does everything well and costs less than most others. Solid pick.
Great shine, easy to use
Probably one of the easiest paste waxes I've ever used. So far great shine, slick surface and has been looking great after a week of rain. Definitely my new go to!