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DP Seat Belt Cleaner

DP Seat Belt Cleaner

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Clean the most touched, but most neglected part of your vehicle!

DP Seat Belt Cleaner is the product you never thought you needed. DP Seat Belt Cleaner is a powerful deep-cleaning formula that doesn't use any harsh chemicals, meaning is safe and powerful enough to use on your overly touched seat belts. DP Seat Belt Cleaner is easy-to-use, coming in the convenience of a spray bottle.

If you're following the law, then you use your seat belt each and every time you get into your vehicle. This means that your seat belts more than likely contain a lot of germs. After all, when was the last time you cleaned your seat belts? If you can't think of an answer, or even if you can, you need DP Seat Belt Cleaner.

What you can expect:
• ANTIBACTERIAL! Kills harmful germs and bacteria that can be spread to you or others.
• SAFE! Does not contain harsh chemicals that would hurt the integrity of your seat belts.

DP Seat Belt Cleaner is designed to clean your overlooked seat belts. These seat belts are more than commonly touched, and can contain unknown contaminants and in turn, germs. DP Seat Belt Cleaner is formulated without the use of harsh chemicals or ingredients. This allows the product to be used without affecting the integrity of the fabric.

Now that germs are more relevant than ever, DP Seat Belt Cleaner has antibacterial properties. This unique and powerful feature keeps your seat belts free of germs for your health, as well as, anyone who goes for a ride. Not only that, but DP Seat Belt Cleaner also has properties to prevent staining.

Don't worry, cleaning your seat belts won't take hours, only a few minutes! DP Seat Belt Cleaner comes in a spray bottle so all you have to do is spray, agitate with an interior scrub brush and wipe. Just three quick steps to a cleaner and germ-free interior, to parts you didn't even consider cleaning.

-Spray DP Seat Belt Cleaner directly onto the seat belt
-Agitate with an interior scrub brush.
-Use a clean microfiber towel to wipe away any remaining residue
-Allow to air dry completely before using seat belt again.
-Several applications may be required for heavily soiled seat belts.

16 oz.

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DP Seat Belt Cleaner