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DP GR4 Graphene Coating

DP GR4 Graphene Coating

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Not sure if you'll like it? See what Mike Phillips has to say about it A coating meets graphene

Enter the world of graphene coatings with DP GR4 Graphene Coating, featuring graphene-oxide resins and emulsions to create a rock-hard barrier of protection. The protection of DP GR4 Graphene Coating works on paint, glass, chrome and more. DP GR4 Graphene Coating has a self-cleaning affect that will easily repel dirt, water and other contaminants, creating a water beading power that will reveal a slick and glossy surface. Plus, DP GR4 Graphene Coating is easy-to-apply and will last you up to four years of protection.

What is graphene?

Graphene is the strongest material known to man; you may know it is as graphite. Imagine it as a honeycomb sheet, thick with carbon atoms. Therefore, the automotive world likes graphene because it can easily be added to plastics, metals or other materials to make it stronger. Compared to ceramic coatings, graphene reduces heat on the surface of your paint, so water spotting is even less likely. And that honeycomb designed we mentioned earlier? That design allows for a high contact angle for water to bead off easier.

What should you expect from Graphene Coatings?

• PROTECTION! Grapehene-oxide resins and emulsions create rock-hard protection.
• HIGH CONTACT! High contact-angle design allows for water to bead off easier.
• SELF-CLEANING! Anti-static properties allow for electrical and thermal conductivity.

How long does a graphene coating last?

DP GR4 Graphene Coating enacts up to four years of protection on your surfaces. This protection is thanks to graphene-oxide resins and emulsions that, when combined, create a rock-hard, microns-thick barrier. Not only is the surface protected from environmental harm, but also gives a slick, deep glossy shine. Graphene is known to impart a wet, glossy appearance after all! Plus, DP GR4 Graphene Coating adds tremendous hydrophobic properties.

Are Graphene coatings on a car any good?

Because of the high contact angles in graphene, amongst other properties, DP GR4 Graphene Coating will allow for water to bead up and roll off, rather than stick around creating water spots. Another benefit of DP GR4 Graphene Coating is its anti-static or self-cleaning properties. One of the properties of graphene allows for electrical and thermal conductivity. This simply means that it can easily repel dust and other micro particles, keeping the surface free of build up of dust and other contaminants. This makes it easier for daily or routine cleanings. Best of all, DP GR4 Graphene Coating can work on a variety of different surfaces, including paint, glass, chrome, trim and even plastic headlights.

Directions for applying Graphene Coating:

-Wash, dry, and correct paint if needed.
-Shake well before use.
-Use DP Coating Prep Spray to remove any oils that would prevent proper bonding.
-Apply several drops of product onto a microfiber applicator and apply to a 3 x 3 sq. ft. area in a back and forth, crosshatch pattern.
-Allow for slight overlay to ensure even coverage.
-Allow area to set for approximately 1-2 minutes and gently remove excess product with a clean microfiber towel.
-A second coat can be applied after approximately 1 hour.
-Keep coated surfaces dry for 24-48 hours for best results.

30 ml.

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Graphene Coating Frequently Asked Questions:

What is graphene coating used for?

Graphene Coating can work to protect a variety of different surfaces, including paint, glass, chrome, wheels, trim, and even plastic headlights.

How long do graphene coatings last?

Graphene coatings can last up to four or five years, which is two to three times longer than traditional ceramic coatings that only last one to two years.

How long does a graphene coating take to dry?

Once applied, graphene coating can take between 24 - 48 hours to dry and fully cure for optimal results.

Does graphene prevent scratches?

Even though graphene coatings typically come in a liquid form, they do offer better scratch protection because graphene is an allotrope of carbon, like diamonds or graphite, making it nearly 200 times stronger than steel.

What is the difference between graphene coatings and ceramic coatings?

Graphene coatings are stronger, more durable, last longer, and are less prone to water spots than ceramic coatings. In fact, graphene coatings can last four to five years while typical ceramic coatings offer only one to two years of protection. While ceramic coatings are cheaper than graphene coatings, you need more applications of ceramic coatings over time, making graphene coatings the right long-term choice for protecting your car.

How do you maintain graphene coating?

A graphene coating can be washed with any standard ph-neutral car wash soap or waterless wash. We recommend using DP GR4 Graphene Wash as it will also reinforce the graphene protection, but standard ph-neutral soap or cleaners will clean the surface without damaging the graphene coating. For surface maintenance between washes, DP Graphene Quick Detailer will remove dust, fingerprints, and smudges quickly while also reinforcing the graphene protection of your coating.

Can you put a graphene coating over wax?

You should not put a graphene coating over or on top of wax because the graphene coating needs to bond directly to the surface and wax will prohibit the bond from occurring. We recommend first washing your car with a degreasing shampoo like DP Coating Prep Wash and using DP Coating Prep Spray to remove oils and wax from surfaces prior to applying a graphene coating.

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DP GR4 Graphine coating
This is the second time Iíve purchased the DP GR4 Graphine coating.
It went on and buffed off easy. It beads like crazy.
Itís nice you can use it on the plastic headlights and glass.
Iíve had it on our other car for about a month now and itís still doing great which it should since this is supposed to last several years.
It is very shiny and smooth.
ProsPrice Supposed to last several years. I believe it said up to 4 or 5 years. Easy to apply and buff off Can be used on plastic and glass
No water spots
Started with a black boat motor, I have fought water spots on motors for years, could not keep them off. Applied the DD GR4 Graphene with three trips to the lake no spots. Can not wait to get the time to put on the rest of the boat. Easy to apply just a lot of prep work but worth it I think,
ProsVery slick. Nice shine. Easy to apply
ConsDo the prep work
Great coating at a great price
I'll start off this saying I've ordered this twice.

My first order I really struggled with the application on my black car. I have no idea why, I had just done the DP ceramic coat on a different vehicle the week before and that went perfectly. But with this I was getting high spots galore, flashing seemed to be non-existent (or I couldn't notice it). Even timing the removal didn't seem to help me at all. I was stuck with streaking, high spots, cloudy spots, you name it this coating did it. I had to polish so much off and reapply that I finally ran out of my bottle on a midsize sedan. Every time I would go to polish I would end up with cloudy areas on the edge of where I polished, leaving me to have to completely re-polish the entire panel. This was the point where I decided to order more to finish everything I'd had to polish again.

My second order was completely different, I don't know if there was something wrong with the original batch I got or what but the second was perfect. Very evident flashing, easy removal, no streaking, very very few high spots. When I went to polish down the high spots I wasn't left with the cloudy edges like I had before. Paint is unbelievably glossy, water beads like crazy, and washing is a breeze now. Even if this stuff only lasts a year I would be happy to use it again. Another thing I noticed with the second batch is that it actually turned my applicator black, whereas the first batch did not.

I'm still not sure what happened with that first batch, maybe it froze in shipping or something, or maybe it was just a wonky batch of product. Either way my 5 star is based on the second order I received which I've been very happy with.

Also, this DOES come with a microfiber applicator if you don't already have one.
ProsGloss Beading and ease of cleaning Price is very good Application is super easy
Cabery, IL
Great coating
Finally got to use the coating. It went on easy and wipe off easy too. This was only my 2nd time using a coating and both DP. It was easy to use for beginners. Paint looked good afterwards too.
ProsEasy to use
Bloomfield Hills, MI
So far so good
Bought this to test out the Graphene. It went on easy enough. I applied to my daughters vehicle to test it out. I cant speak for longevity of the product yet.
ProsApplication was fairly smooth