DP Ceramic Collection

DP Ceramic Collection

DP Detailing Products is leveling up, bringing car care to new heights with the DP Ceramic Collection.

Back in 1998, the team at Autogeek developed a new line of products, now called DP Detailing Products, designed exclusively to fit the needs of professional detailers and enthusiasts alike. DP was produced with one goal in mind: to produce top-of-the-line car cleaning products. And to this day, DP is still a leader in car care, only getting better with age!

In 2020, DP launched a new sleek and modern design, with new and improved formulas featuring the latest and greatest in cutting edge technology. And just a year later, DP has done it again with an even more advanced level of car care, one that includes graphene and ceramic.

Graphene and ceramic are two popular terms when it comes to detailing nowadays, everyone wanting a piece of the top-of-the-line action. With DP you don't have look any further to get the job done to extraordinary results.

DP products are 100% made in the USA and are meant to save you time and money, while still giving you the above and beyond results you have been looking for.

This extension of the DP line has everything you need when it comes to ceramic and graphene detailing. Whether is be traditional washes or rinseless washes, paint sealants, coatings or even quick detailers, DP Ceramic Collection has what you are looking for. DP is where exceptional value meets unmatched performance.

Drop jaws not money, with your show worthy car!

Remember, DP is car care you can trust when every detail counts!