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Dodo Juice Purple Haze PRO Soft Wax 200 ml.

What's better than Purple Haze?

Some would say Stairway to Heaven, but we firmly believe it's Dodo Juice Purple Haze PRO, the super-charged version of Dodo's original soft wax for dark vehicles. Purple Haze PRO has even more carnauba wax and the same sealant ingredient found in Dodo Juice Red Mist. The result is a deep, glossy wax that lasts 3-4 months on average.

Dark paint demands special care. Ask any detailer! Black, blue, and other dark paints have the greatest potential for depth and gloss. Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax is designed to help your dark vehicle reach its full potential.

Dodo Juice Purple Haze PRO Soft Wax’s primary ingredient is carnauba wax, the world’s best protective natural wax. Only No. 1 grade Brazilian carnauba makes the cut for Dodo Juice waxes. Next dark beeswax and montan wax were added to enhance dark paint colors. Montan wax is a dark-colored wax extracted from coal that improves water repellency and gloss. It’s found in only a few locations in the world and, fortunately, Dodo Juice located some for their Purple Haze PRO Soft Wax.

The makers of Dodo Juice wanted to take the Dodo Juice Purple Haze formula a step farther to create a stepping stone to their world-famous Supernatural Wax. Purple Haze PRO has more carnauba wax and the protective sealant ingredient found in Dodo Juice Red Mist to give the wax longer durability. A fresh new scent completes the transformation.

Dodo Juice Purple Haze PRO Soft Wax protects the paint from rain, UV rays, and dirt with an ultra slick, reflective coating. It protects as well as the original formula but lasts longer and feels even slicker when layered.

If you have a black or dark colored vehicle, bring out its dark side with Dodo Juice Purple Haze PRO Soft Wax.

Dodo Juice Purple Haze Wax can be applied with a foam applicator or with your bare hands.

Use a soft foam or microfiber applicator to apply Dodo Juice Purple Haze Wax.

Use a soft Cobra Microfiber Towel to buff off Purple Haze Wax.

A very thin, even coat should be applied. Then wait 5-10 minutes before buffing.


As with any car wax, we’ve found that the best results are obtained on a clean, smooth paint finish. Use a prewax cleaner, like Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-Wax Cleanser, to remove old layers of wax and improve the paint’s texture. Then apply a layer of Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax using a soft foam applicator or with your bare hands. Allow it to cure for 5-10 minutes. Since the cure time is relatively short, we found it easiest to work in sections. Buff off the wax with a soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Apply another coat after 24 hours if desired.

200 ml. (6.76 oz.)

Dodo Juice Purple Haze PRO Soft Wax 200 ml.

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One of the best!
I’ve loved this wax for years and it is still made the same! This wax is an absolute must in my lineup! The true magic with this wax is the 2nd application the shine becomes deeper and intensely reflective. A third application makes the paint look like it is dripping wet. As long as I keep up with the daily qd I won’t need to re wax for a couple of months. But I usually will ad a layer of wax every 3-4 weeks. Now just about every premium wax more is less saying is also true with this product.

Mostly for dark colored cars, but can make silver metallic flake pop very nicely. This wax seems to also have a fill effect or the wax helps darken light scratches and make them disappear. This wax, it is worth every penny�
ProsEase of use and removal, scent associated with this wax smells of lavender and vanilla. Exceptional shine that drips wet with multiple applications. Helps make chrome pop, and does not discolor on plastic or rubber trim.
ConsNone this wax is everything I need for a dark metal metallic VW GTI.
Springfield, MA
Dodo Juice purple haze pro . Used on stone colored 2017 land rover discovery sport
I tried microfiber and foam applicators, the foam applicator applied the juice a little better. purple haze was a pleasure to apply. a smooth thin coat with no drag was a pleasure to experience. the directions says to wait 10-20 minutes then buff off. i wait 10 minutes only. just yesterday, while on a mountain biking trip, a person commented that it discovery looked like it just came off the show room floor. he couldn't believe it that it looked that good, i told him about purple haze. Very please with the ease of use and final results. love the dodo juice.
Orlando Florida
Back in Black
After a thorough polish and layers of AMMO Skin, Dodo Juice PH Pro is my first layer. I usually follow with PH. Seems to last over 6 months but my Deep Black Pearl Beetle. Blue, silver and purple metallic flakes rise to the surface.
ProsEasy on and easy off if allowed to haze. Takes 20 min in humid Florida.
Great product.
I love the way this wax goes on and comes off. It's soooooooo easy to buff away. I found the best results for me were to level the products on and let it haze over for about 20 minutes whild I was working different panels of the car. The scent smelled like lavender, which was a cool looking purple wax color too. Overall I think the Purple Haze did a great job at making my car have that "wet" , and glossy look. I have a metal flake effect on my black cherry paint and this product really made them come out more and you can see them from standing a little further away now. It does a great job especially if you prep the paintwork with Dodo Juice Lime Prime beforehand.

ProsEasy to apply and buff off, smells good, pretty cheap if you take into consideration how little product you really need per car, makes your paint have that glossy look to it.
I used this wax on my Audi A4 (black). It makes black look like colored ice. This will be my go to wax for all black vechicles, you won't be disappointed.