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Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Wash 1 Liter

Blanket your vehicle in apple-scented foam!

Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Wash creates mounds of suds that help you get a better, gentler clean when washing your vehicle. When used in conjunction with a foam gun, this high-foaming, pH-neutral formula offers an excellent prewash soak for heavily soiled vehicles or a quick wash option for a lightly soiled vehicle. Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Wash smells fantastic and yields excellent results too!

Once you use a foam gun, you truly start to understand the benefits, and then you start seeking out the best, foamiest soaps to use with it! The ideal formula should be wax-safe, pH-neutral, and of course, extra foamy. Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Wash ticks all those boxes and it smells amazing too. When mixed in a foam lance, this high-sudsing formula goes to work loosening up dirt and debris so you can wipe it away with your wash mitt.

Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Wash offers rich suds and wallet-friendly dilution ratios! As with all foam gun-ready formulas, dilution will vary and can be tweaked to offer thicker or thinner foam. With Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Wash you can expect thick suds at a 1:10 iFoam to water ratio and a lighter foam at a 1:20 dilution. Remember the thicker the foam, the safer the wash as the suds will help lift dirt and grime away from the surface. Experiment with your dilution ratios using more Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Wash for more heavily soiled vehicles. Take your foam gun to the next level with Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Wash!

1 liter

Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Wash 1 Liter

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Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Wash 1 Liter