Black Label Diamond Coating Application Guide

With the introduction of Diamond Paint, Glass, Wheel, and Surface coatings from Pinnacle Black Label, protecting your vehicle for the long haul has never been easier. Black Label Diamond coatings utilize the most advanced nano-glass ceramic technology available in a surface care protection product. Vehicles that are coated with a Diamond coating will be protected for years, not months, with a glassy, hard-as-nails liquid shine. In order for each respective coating to properly bond to the desired surface, proper prep is key.


Gloss comes from smoothness, so the first step is creating a perfectly smooth foundation that's free of above surface contaminants. Above surface contaminants include:

Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay makes paint as smooth as glass!
Place your hand in a plastic sandwich baggy and feel the paint. Chances are it will feel gritty and rough. If it does, then it needs to be clayed.

Rail Dust -  highly corrosive dust created by rail road wheels grinding against the tracks
Brake Dust - highly corrosive dust generated by every vehicle on the road every time the driver applies the brakes Industrial Fallout - air-polluting byproduct of industrial plants, often contains metals
Tree sap mist - a light spray of sap that sticks to anything in its path
Tar - road tar from construction is often hot when it hits the vehicle and it contains chemicals that are detrimental to auto paint
Bugs - bug remains contain acidic fluids that eat into auto paint
Paint Overspray - Whether the neighbor next door was painting his go-cart with an aerosol-based spray paint, or if your vehicle has spent any time at a body shop, it more than likely has paint overspray on it.

Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay removes unwanted contaminants from paint, glass, and wheels!
Use Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay on paint, glass, wheels, and chrome!

Removing above-surface contaminants is easy. You'll want to use a clay bar, like Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay. Here's a brief explanation of how a clay bar works: The friction of rubbing the bar across the surface combined with the abrasives in the clay essentially sands off the contaminants. The tackiness of the bar holds these contaminants so they don't get re-introduced into the finish. If you think your paint doesn't need to be clayed, take a moment to place your hand inside a plastic sandwich baggy and feel your paint. Does it feel silky smooth, or rough and gritty like a piece of sandpaper? Unless your vehicle just rolled off the assembly line and hasn't been parked outside for more than a day, it needs to be clayed!


When your vehicle was painted at the factory, great care was taken to prepare the surface to ensure that the delicate paint system would remain intact for the life of the vehicle. The same care needs to be taken when preparing the surface for a Diamond coating. The most important step in prepping the surface for application of a Diamond coating is to use Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish. If you do not use Surface Cleansing Polish before applying one of the Diamond coatings, the result will be complete failure of the coating.

Apply Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish by hand or machine
Surface Cleansing Polish can be applied by hand or machine.

Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish is a non-abrasive, water-based polish that gently removes embedded dirt and grime, restoring a natural brilliance to your vehicle's paintwork. Use this thick cream to prep your vehicle's paint, wheels, and glass for application of a Black Label Diamond coating. Water-based formulation promotes proper bonding thanks to its wax, silicone, and oil free formula; polished surfaces can be coated immediately after application.


  1. Shake well.
  2. Ensure surface is cool to the touch.
  3. For hand application, use a microfiber applicator pad.
  4. For machine application, use a foam polishing or finishing pad.
  5. Work the product into the surface and remove residue with a soft microfiber towel.
  6. Apply Diamond coating of your choice.

Diamond Paint Coating is easy to apply


Application of each respective Diamond coating is simple. First, make sure the surface is cool to the touch. For paint, 3-4 sprays of Diamond Paint Coating is all that's required to coat a panel (a hood is considered two panels). For wheels, two sprays of Diamond Wheel Coating is more than adequate. For windshields, 3-4 sprays of Diamond Glass Coating is more than enough. After you spray the coating directly onto the surface, evenly distribute it using a Lake Country Coating Applicator (paint, glass) or a Gold Wax Finger Pocket (wheels). Remove any excess residue with a Gold Plush Microfiber Towel.


So you've applied a Diamond Paint, Glass, Wheel, or Surface coating to your vehicle - now what? First, you'll want to regularly wash the vehicle using Black Label Diamond Coating Shampoo.

Black Label Diamond Coating Shampoo is hyper concentrated
Diamond Coating Shampoo is hyper-concentrated - only one pump per gallon of water!

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Shampoo is a hyper-concentrated, high-foaming shampoo that was designed to restore the impressive water beading and sheeting characteristics exhibited by paint and surface coatings. Crystalline nano-polymers encapsulate dirt and grime to prevent wash-induced scratches and marring. Hyper-concentrated formula only requires one pump per gallon of water.


  1. Add one pump of shampoo per gallon of water.
  2. Activate shampoo with a jet of water.
  3. Rinse vehicle to remove loose dirt.
  4. Use a clean sheepskin wash mitt to wash the vehicle, starting at the top and working your way down.
  5. Do not allow shampoo to dry on the surface - rinse frequently.
  6. Dry the vehicle with a Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towel.
Black Label Diamond Coating Booster adds gloss and slickness to your coated vehicle
Regular application of Diamond Coating Booster will maintain the glassy shine and slick finish of your coated vehicle. Apply with a Gold Plush Junior or a coating applicator.

As your vehicle is exposed to the elements, your coating of choice slowly begins to degrade, and so does the gloss, slickness, and water beading. Black Label Diamond Coating Booster fills in any microscopic pits, pores, and valleys on the coated surface, making it look, feel, and perform as good as the day you first applied the coating.

Think of Black Label Diamond Coating Booster as a spray wax for coated vehicles.Formulated using a less concentrated blend of the same nano-glass ceramic particles found in Black Label Diamond Surface Coating, Diamond Coating Booster instantly restores the gloss, slickness, and water beading that made you speechless the first time you applied a Black Label Diamond coating. What's more, Diamond Coating Booster can be used on paint, wheels, glass, chrome, plastic trim, and virtually all other hard exterior surfaces!

When a full wash isn't necessary, use Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer to remove light dust. Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer is the first and only quick detail spray formulated specially for application with ceramic, quartz, and resin-based coatings! Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer is designed to safely remove light dust and contaminants from coated vehicles without hindering the impressive water beading or sheeting exhibited by the coating. Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer and its gloss-intensive formula increase shine and slickness after each use.

Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer removes light dust while amping up the shine of your coated vehicle!
Spray, wipe, and you're finished! Diamond Coating Detailer removes light dust while increasing the gloss and slickness of your coated vehicle.

Not all quick detail sprays are created equal, and Diamond Coating Detailer is proof. Formulated specifically for application with ceramic, quartz, and resin-based coatings, Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer safely removes light dust without hindering the shine or water beading properties of the coating.Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer is compatible with all paint, wheel, and glass coatings.

Think of Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer as a quick detail spray for vehicles that have been coated with a Black Label Diamond coating or similar product. Formulated using a less concentrated blend of the same nano-glass ceramic particles found in Black Label Diamond Surface Coating, Diamond Coating Detailer instantly adds gloss and slickness while removing light dust and fingerprints.