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Cyclo Intro Brush Kit

Cyclo Intro Brush KitClean carpet with the Cyclo!

The Cyclo Orbital Polisher is a fantastic car polisher, but did you know it also cleans carpet? The Cyclo's powerful orbiting motion extracts stains from carpet quickly and easily. The Cyclo Intro Brush Kit includes the Cyclo Orbital Polisher and two Cyclo Carpet Brushes of your choice to remove spots and stains from carpet inside your vehicle and your home.

The rotating motion of the Cyclo's heads combined with the high quality brushes easily extract spots from carpet. Each brush is made of durable nylon bristles modified for gentle but thorough carpet cleaning. Use your favorite carpet or upholstery shampoo with the Cyclo brushes to remove tough stains from your vehicle or your home.

The Cyclo Intro Brush Kit includes:

Cyclo Orbital Polisher with VES
The Cyclo Polisher is the only dual-head polisher on the market. Both heads move in an orbital motion, counter-clockwise. The idea is to simulate hand polishing but at a much faster rate. Going over a scratch or swirl with both heads ensures that you are attacking it from all sides, so to speak. No matter what angle you look at the paint, you will not see the former blemish. It's the fool-proof polisher!

The Vibration Elimination System (VES) is available exclusively on Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polishers. This system is composed of a completely redesigned counterweight and precision matched, weighted inserts, which nearly eliminate the amount of vibration felt by the operator. This drastic reduction in vibration lessens muscle and joint fatigue for the operator. The counterweights are pre-installed on the Cyclo and two yellow weighted inserts are included.


Cyclo VES Silver Weighted Inserts
The Silver Weighted Inserts perfectly balance the weight of Cyclo's DoublePrecision Pads and Cyclo Scrub Brushes to provide the operator with a smoother motion with virtually no vibration. The Vibration Elimination System (VES) is available exclusively on Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polishers. Always install the Silver Weighted Inserts onto the Cyclo when using the carpet brushes.


2 Cyclo Carpet Brushes - Your Choice!
Cyclo brushes are available in four varieties.
  • Grey Ultra Soft Brushes are for the most delicate carpet and upholstery and headliners.
  • Aqua Soft Carpet Brushes are all-around carpet scrubbers for auto and household use.
  • White Standard Carpet Brushes have stiffer bristles for more rigorous scrubbing on carpet, tile, grout, and floor pads.
  • Black Stiff Scrub Brushes are very stiff. Use them for intense scrubbing of hard surfaces, like stone, grout, tile, and truck bed liners.
Use the drop down menu in the order box to select your brushes.

To attach the brushes to your Cyclo, remove the heads using the flat wrench. Screw the brushes into the machine and tighten with the wrench. When you are finished using the brushes, unscrew them and rinse them out. Allow the brushes to air dry.

The Cyclo Intro Brush Kit is an excellent kit for detailers. The Cyclo Orbital Polisher pulls double duty as a carpet scrubber and a car polisher. See all Cyclo brushes and Cyclo pads and accessories for solutions to all your detailing needs.

The Cyclo Intro Brush Kit includes:
Cyclo Orbital Polisher with VES
2 Carpet Brushes

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Upgrade to the
Cyclo Orbital Polisher 5-Pro!
Cyclo Orbital Polisher Model 5-Pro<br> with ProGuard Backing Plates

Select Cyclo 5-Pro in the drop-down menu below.

The Cyclo 5-Pro has a variable speed controller with speeds from 650-3000 OPM and includes two ProGuard Backing Plates!