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CorrosionX Lubricant and Penetrant 6 oz.

CorrosionX Lubricant and Penetrant 6 oz.Next generation corrosion fighter, lubricant, and penetrant!

CorrosionX Lubricant and Penetrant eliminates and prevents corrosion and rust on all metal surfaces! No corrosion inhibitor acts as quickly or works as long. Just a single squirt of CorrosionX can stop and prevent corrosion for years! Use CorrosionX on your vehicle, boat, trailer, or aircraft to stop corrosion in its tracks.

CorrosionX is the only consumer product on the market qualified under the U.S. Navy's stringent standards (MIL-PRF-81309F Type II Class I) for a corrosion inhibitor/ water displacement compound for airframes and general purpose applications. Used by oil company maintenance facilities, aviation fixed base operators, and boat owners, CorrosionX is the ultimate solution to stop and prevent corrosion.

A light spray of CorrosionX on power heads, generator sets, and engines two or three times a year will keep them looking like new, even in saltwater conditions. Use CorrosionX on fishing reels and guns. CorrosionX works on sheaves, hinges, locks, cable and wire ropes, windlasses, and other rotating devices. Use CorrosionX to unlock rusted bolts, nuts, and fittings. One spray penetrates further and faster than any household lubricant to stop corrosion and prevent it from reoccurring. CorrosionX works under heavy loads and in high temperatures.

The science behind CorrosionX is called Polar Bonding. CorrosionX bonds to the metal to which it is applied and displaces electrolytes (usually moisture or a salt crystal) and forms a dielectric film that blocks the path of the current. To put it another way, CorrosionX stops corrosion and then blocks it from reoccurring. CorrosionX stays bonded to the metal and is not easily displaced by friction or moisture. CorrosionX isn't just a rust inhibitor - it's a rust blocker! This dielectric film does not interfere with circuitry, switches, or electrical components.

CorrosionX penetrant oil lasts longer and withstands friction and moisture better than other oil-based corrosion inhibitors. The staying power of CorrosionX makes it a real asset on boats. Use it on deck hardware, fittings, and brightwork, bearings, locks, hinges, steering mechanism and cables, chainplates, outboard motor power heads, and as a yearly treatment on electrical connections. Regular maintenance with CorrosionX will extend the life of your boat's metal components almost indefinitely!

CorrosionX has many applications under the hood!
CorrosionX lubricates moving parts...
Free rusted bolts with CorrosionX.
unlocks rusted bolts...
CorrosionX is safe on wiring.
and protects electrical connections from rust and moisture.

Use CorrosionX with confidence. The VOC content is low compared to common household lubricants and penetrants. CorrosionX is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and the pump spray is non-flammable.

CorrosionX is an outstanding value. One spray penetrates further and faster and lasts longer than any other lubricant or penetrant you've tried. CorrosionX has so many applications, you'll never need another product of its kind.

CorrosionX is the most effective corrosion inhibitor, lubricant and penetrant oil product in the world! CorrosionX backs this claim with a 100% money-back guarantee! Try CorrosionX and see if you agree.

6 oz.

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