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Collinite Metal Wax No. 850 - 64 oz.

Collinite Metal Wax No. 850 - 64 oz.

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Designed for marine and aeronautical use.

Collinite Metal Wax cleans and protects chrome, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel in one easy step. Metal Wax # 850 removes salt deposits and rust on any vehicle and its tough protective coating stands up to salt water. Yet Collinite Metal Wax contains no strong acids or alkalis.

Collinite Metal Wax # 850 is an easy-to-use liquid metal polish that eliminates unsightly rust, tarnish, and salt deposits on marine, automotive, and aeronautical metals. The nonabrasive formula safely removes discoloration and oxidation without pitting or scratching the metal, even highly polished metal such as chrome.

The original purpose for Collinite Metal Wax # 850 is to remove rust and salt accumulations from metal surfaces found on boats. Since salt constantly threatens to eat into metal rails on boats, Collinite formulated their metal polish to both remove the rust that has already occurred and, most importantly, prevent new rust from forming. Part of that prevention is removing salt deposits that would eventually etch and oxidize the metal.

Collinite Metal Wax # 850 is best described as a cleaner wax for metals. It has excellent protective properties with its long-lasting polymer formula. The protective coating is perfectly clear. Aluminum, copper, brass, chrome, and stainless steel will all look like new after using Collinite Metal Wax.

On your vehicle, Collinite Metal Wax # 850 cleans and protects aluminum wheels and bumpers, as well as chrome wheels and trim. It maintains these same metals on motorcycles. In the house, use it on brass, chrome, and copper fixtures.

To apply Collinite Metal Wax # 850, shake well. Use a terry or microfiber applicator pad to apply a small amount of 850 to the desired surface. Rub well to remove rust and tarnish. Before the metal wax dries, use a soft, clean Cobra All Purpose Microfiber Towel to buff the metal to a bright shine.

Collinite Metal Wax # 850 is the one step cleaner wax that completely cleans and protects metals on boats, vehicles, motorcycles, and airplanes.

64 oz.

Collinite Metal Wax No. 850 - 64 oz.