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CCS Euro Foam Hand Applicators Trio - Your Choice!

Choose 3 applicators from the four types available!

The CCS Euro Foam Polish Applicators allow you to match polishes to the appropriate foam variety, just as you’d do if you were applying the products with a polisher. Now you can get better results by hand because the applicator is enhancing the performance of the product. Work smarter with CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicators!

These imported foam applicators utilize CCS Technology™, just like machine buffing pads. CCS pockets, as you can see in the photo, cover one side of each applicator. The pockets create spaces for excess polish to accumulate – without soaking into the foam – until it is needed on the work surface. Then the polish is drawn up through the center dimples of each CCS pocket and onto the applicator’s work surface. This design saves product because the CCS pockets significantly reduce product absorption.

Choose any 3 of the following applicators:

Orange Light Cutting Applicator – The orange foam is the most popular type of foam used in making buffing pads. It has a texture like memory foam but denser. It can be used to remove light to moderate swirls with little or no loss of surface gloss. Use a light swirl remover, such as McKee's 37 Fast Polish. In most cases, you can go straight to wax application with the red applicator. Use the orange pad for spot correction or on the entire vehicle.
White Polishing Applicator – For general polishing and pre-wax cleaning, we recommend the white polishing foam. This is one of the most versatile foam compositions. Use it to apply finishing polishes, pre-wax cleaners, and all in one products, for example Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion or Klasse All In One. The foam is less dense than the orange pad. It has just enough density to help clean and polish the paint, but it will not produce haze.
Red Ultra Soft Finishing Applicator – The red foam is designed specifically for the application of waxes, sealants, and glazes. It has no cut or cleaning ability. The soft foam will not leave any haze and it is gentle on all automotive surfaces. Use the red foam applicator with any last step product to product a smooth, flawless finish.
Gold Jewelling Pad

Gold Jewelling Applicator - Use the gold pad to apply a very fine polish or glaze as the final step of the polishing process. Jewelling is the term coined for this step because it intensifies gloss and reflectivity, like a jewel. The gold foam pad also works well for wax and sealant application.

CCS Euro Foam Hand Applicators Trio - Your Choice!

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100% Recommend this product (3 of 3 responses)
Solid applicator
Takes a bit of adjustment to use. The trick is to coat the surface, then get product in the pores/pockets and squeeze to add more to the surface. Works like a charm that way.
Joshua, TX
Love! Great alt for no polisher. Yellow = new fav.
If you're like me and don't want to spend $$$ on a DA polisher then these are for you. Orange works well for scratches, white for polishes and glazes, yellow is good for all finishings and waxes. Red is super soft, but too soft it absorbs a lot. I really love the yellow more than the red because it uses a white pads material for the grip, it's much easier and just the right firmness.
ProsVariety and the new yellow pad as an option.
ConsWeak handle/grip on red all the rest are awesome.
Lawndale, CA
Worked great
I purchsed these after seeing one of Mike's write ups and saw the results he got with them. The material is the same as the material for the DA foam pad. I used them in those hard to reach areas where a DA won't fit. These handles the job very. I recommend them.