Automotive Safety Products

Automotive Safety Products

Improve the safety of you and your passengers with Autogeek's car safety products. Many of these items should be standard in every car!

For example, the Park-Zone Platinum Dual Power Garage Parking Sensor allows you to safely park your vehicle in your garage or other small area.

If an accident does occur, the Life Hammer has a steel hammer to break the window and a razor sharp blade to cut the seatbelt.

The Res-Q-Me Lifesaver Kit contains over 134 first aid items in case of an emergency.

The Life Hammer Safety Belt Solution Seat Belt Adjuster clips allow you to adjust the safety belt to suit your body to optimize the effectiveness of your seatbelt in an accident.

Since tire pressure impacts the vehicle's overall performance and safety, we carry some of the best tire gauges in the business.

Accutire Tire Pressure Gauges give quick, correct readings of your vehicle's tire pressure to help you maintain optimum stability and fuel economy. The Tire Check Valve Caps send up a red flag when your tire pressure is getting low.

Inside your garage, Park Smart products protect your vehicle from impact with the Wall Guard, Door Guard, and Parking Mats.

Enjoy the piece of mind that comes with being prepared for any situation. Protect yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle with Autogeek's automotive safety products.