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Autogeek Cars & Coffee

Autogeek's Cars and Coffee will be taking a break for the summer. See you in the fall!

Cars & Coffee is the 2nd Saturday of every month!

Autogeek's Cars and Coffee!

Do you live in Florida? Are you a fan of cars and coffee (decaf counts!)? Do you like hanging out with other car guys? If you enthusiastically answered YES to any of these questions, then you should be with Autogeek on the 2nd Saturday of every month for Cars & Coffee!

Cars & Coffee is the perfect opportunity to hang out with other car guys (and car gals!), enjoy freshly brewed coffee, and talk about cars! Since we know your weekends are valuable, Autogeek Cars & Coffee starts at 8 am and ends at 10 am, leaving your not-so-enthusiastic-about-cars significant other, a reason to let you out of the house so you can enjoy yourself!

Each Cars & Coffee will feature a Tech Session hosted by Mike Phillips covering different topic about car care and detailing. Various topics are covered including how to use detailing clay, machine applying a wax with a DA polisher, how to inspect for scratches, and more.

The Cars & Coffee concept has humble beginnings, originating in Irvine, California where a group of local car enthusiasts began meeting at a shopping center to talk cars and drink coffee.  More cars continued to come each week which led to the growth of Cars & Coffee and the need to find a larger parking lot.  Ford graciously volunteered one of their parking lots that wasn’t being used on Saturdays, and that’s where the original Cars & Coffee continues to be held in Irvine, California. 

The word quickly spread all over the U.S. and now car clubs all over the country hold their own Cars & Coffee gathering – including Autogeek!

Autogeek's Cars & Coffee will be held at:

Elliott Museum
825 Northeast Ocean Boulevard
Stuart, FL 34996


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