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Car Brite Workout 1000 128 oz.

Car Brite Workout 1000 128 oz.Generates very little splatter and residue!

Car Brite Workout 1000 was formulated with a dedicated focus on maximizing the product’s ability to correct and eliminate medium scratches, oxidation, and swirling. Car Brite Workout 1000 is capable of removing wet sanding marks up to 1000 grit, which speaks volumes to its ability to correct heavy damage to your paint’s surface. Car Brite Workout 1000 has great buffability and produces very little splatter and residue to ensure that this product is as easy to use as possible. Car Brite Workout 1000 is an incredibly efficient product and requires very little product to provide the results you desire. This level of efficiency prevents your buffing pads from becoming saturated with product during application. Car Brite Workout 1000 is also a great choice for body and paint shops due to the lack of silicone in its formula that threat to cause “fish eyes” on the paint surface.

Product Features:
• Great buffability
• Silicone-free
• Can remove up to 1000 grit sanding marks

Once you have removed the heavy scratches and swirls from the paint or if you are starting your correction process off on a less aggressive level, you want to use a medium cut compound to correct the marring that was created during the prior compounding step/the medium scratches and swirls on the paint’s surface. In either scenario, Car Brite Workout 1000 will be able to provide you will the perfect level of correction potential for your situation.

1. Start with roof, then proceed to hood, trunk and sides.
2. Apply small amount of product directly on painted surface.
3. While product is wet, buff a 2'x 2' area with high speed buffer (1800 rpm, or less) and cutting pad. Keep pad flat on painted surface and buff until product dry, applying light, even pressure. Clean pad regularly with pad spur.
4. Remove residue with clean, soft cloth.

128 oz.