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Car Brite Select Polish

Car Brite Select PolishBrings your paint to an extremely high gloss finish!

Car Brite Select Polish will allow you to expertly remove light scratches and swirls from your paint's surface and leave behind and incredibly glossy finish. Select Polish is designed using a formula that is water-based, increasing the working time of the product and reducing the dusting caused during the polishing process. The reduced amount of dusting will make the clean-up process much easier and hassle-free. Car Brite Select Polish contains incredible diminishing abrasives that will breakdown as you work the product into the paint, increasing the gloss potential of the product drastically. If you work in a body shop or frequently work on freshly painted cars, Car Brite Select Polish is a great choice of polish for you due to its silicone-free formula.

Product Features:
• Water-based
• Low dusting
• Silicone free
• Long work time

Before you apply your last standing product, you want to make sure that the surface of your paint is as flawless as possible. To achieve this level of gloss, you need to use a polish that has abrasives fine enough to achieve that gloss. Car Brite Select Polish is formulated using diminishing abrasives that will gradually breakdown and get more and more fine, maximizing gloss potential.

Always make sure that Select Polish is shaken well prior to application. Using a Car Brite Polishing pads, apply Select Polish to the surface of the paint in 2" x 2" Sections. While applying Select Polish, keep the polisher tilted at first and use a low speed with 10 lbs. of pressure for 30 seconds. Then use 2 lbs. of pressure with the pad flat on the paint for up to 2 minutes. Buff any residue off the surface using a clean, microfiber towel.

32 oz.