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Car Brite Select Car Soap 128 oz.

Car Brite Select Car Soap 128 oz.Highly concentrated formula saves you money!

Car Brite Select Car Soap is formulated to generate a thick, rich foam to ensure that the contaminants are lifted from the surfaces and held suspended above the paints surface to be easily removed during agitation and rinsing. Car Brite Select Car Soap is made using pH neutral surfactants, making sure that Car Brite Select Car Soap can be used on any paint type without causing any damage in the process. Car Brite Select Car Soap will work to effectively remove dirt, bugs, and grime from your paint surface and leave behind excellent sheeting action that will reduce the risk of water spots occurring on the paint after you have finished washing your car. Car Brite Select Car Soap comes in a highly concentrated formula that will save you money on product costs by allowing you to get more washes out of one gallon before having to purchase a refill.

Product Features:
• pH neutral
• Highly concentrated
• Generates sheeting action

It is recommended by many professionals that you wash your car weekly to prevent the onset of contaminants and imperfections from settling into your paint. It is crucial that you also choose a car soap that is going to provide you with the proper amount of lubricity and foam to ensure the contaminants are safely and effectively removed from your painted surface. Car Brite Select Car Soap generates an incredible amount of foam that will lift the dirt from your paint and keep it suspended over the surface to prevent it from reattaching.

1. Mix 2 ounces of soap in 5 gallons of water. (1:320)
2. Wet surface with cool water and apply soap solution.
3. Agitate solution with sponge or wash mitt, including wheel wells (using a separate mitt).
4. Rinse vehicle from the top down, using low pressure.
5. Remove excess water with chamois.

TIPS: • Do not wash vehicle in direct sunlight • Mix as directed. Over concentration of quality soaps can lead to unwanted streaking.

128 oz.