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California™ Combo Kit

This all-inclusive kit is the dream vacation of car care!

Simplicity is bliss, and this combo kit will give you all the products you need for complete detailing, inside and out. Keep your car looking shiny and new with The Original California Combo Kit, which includes The Original California Car Duster, The Dash Duster, and The California Water Blade; three cleaning giants you can count on to make detailing your car fast and fun!

If you are tired of the toil and labor of trying to keep a dust free car, you’ve hit gold with this combo kit. The two dusting products you will receive eliminate dust, lint, pollen, pet hair, and dirt from your car’s surface and interior. The California Car Duster and the Mini Dash Duster utilize a revolutionary process that coats paraffin wax onto the 100% cotton strands of each mop head, which allows particles to be lifted and trapped within. No residue, no clean up, no hidden costs. It really is that simple. Considered the “magic wands” of the industry, these products will leave your car looking freshly washed and detailed.

The California Water Blade is the hallmark of water removal and drying. Stacks of chamois and drying towels are history with The California Water Blade. Now you can tackle drying your car with one simple swipe. The patented ‘T-bar’ edge is completely non-abrasive and won’t scratch even the most delicate surfaces. This design is also ideal for finicky car coats, as it is proven to cause fifteen times less drying friction than drying with towels, leaving the already smooth surface glistening and spot free.

Here is what you will receive in your California Combo Kit:

The Original California Duster
The duster that started it all comes complete with a generously sized mop head and 26” turned wood handle. Brush away dust, dirt, and pollen then shake out the trapped particles for repeated use. This product is perfect for the person on the go, as it will give your car, truck, or boat that “just washed” look in minutes. The California Duster is the only choice when you want that polished, showroom look in a jiffy. This product is lightweight and compact, and comes with a handy carrying case.

The California Mini Dash Duster
The mini duster features a compact mop head and sturdy 14” plastic handle, convenient for small surfaces, nooks, and crannies. The Mini Dash Duster is the perfect dusting tool for car interiors, as well as home appliances, blinds, cabinets, and much more. We recommend you also use this little gem for pet hair on seat cushions and home furniture. Your Mini Dash Duster will arrive complete with a handy carrying case.

The Original 14 inch California Water Blade
This medical grade silicone blade pulls water off the surface of your car leaving it completely dry, unlike a squeegee that leaves a damp coat after use. The Water Blade contours to edges and dries in one third the time of conventional drying methods. Use The California Water Blade on all of your vehicles and around the house as well, it works great for cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass entry doors.

Max has been using his California products for years. We asked him to answer some of your questions about the Combo Kit:

Q: I’ve heard the Dusters are great for cars, but how about my boat, or even my motorcycle? Will they work just as effectively?

Max: I use both the Original and Dash Duster on my boat, its so quick, which is what I want when I’m ready to head out for a full day of fishing. I know my boat is looking great out there in the water, and the interior is clean as well from any dust or lint. My motorcycle friends highly recommend the Dash Duster for bikes, because it is able to get into small areas. Also try both products in the house or garage.

Q: What makes the blade of the California Water Blade so special?

Max: That’s an easy one to answer. You know its quality when the term “medical grade” is part of the description. The highest quality of silicone is used for the blade, which is one of the smoothest, most gentle substances available. So not only does it remove water quickly, it is a safe product to use for your car’s finish.

Q: I hear everyone talking about how these products can be used in the house. Does that mean I can stop buying dust mop refills and ditch the paper towels for cleaning windows?

Max: Please do! With some of the popular household dusters, you end up paying more for replacement dust mops than for the product itself. Why bother? Both dusters are great for window treatments, shelves, furniture, the list is endless. Your windows will never look cleaner when you use the Water Blade. No scratches, no water spots.

Kit includes:
The Original California Car Duster
The California Mini Dash Duster
The Original 14 Inch California Water Blade

A total retail value of $49.97Save $9.98

Care and Cleaning: The California Car Dusters work best when they’re dirty. Just shake them out before and after each use. Should your duster ever become so dirty that it requires an actual cleaning, just wash it in cold water with a mild detergent (like Woolite) and let it air dry.

California™ Combo Kit

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California™ Combo Kit