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BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash Concentrate 1:48 Buy One, Get One FREE!

New formula is more concentrated - dilute 1:48 with water!

BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash Concentrate gives you the quick cleaning convenience of a waterless wash in a money-saving concentrate. Once diluted according to the directions, this high lubricity waterless wash loosens light dirt and dust so they wipe away easily. Fingerprints and smudges disappear. Meanwhile, anti-static polymers bond to the paint to reinforce the existing protection and enhance the shine. BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash Concentrate is an incredible value, too, because a single 16 ounce bottle of concentrate makes 6 gallons of ready-to-use waterless wash!

BLACKFIRE Waterless Wash Concentrate dilutes 1:48 with water
Dilutes 1:48 with water! Bottle features a measuring cup for accurate dispension
BLACKFIRE Waterless Wash Concentrate provides a quick, easy way to wash your vehicle without a hose and bucket
Add 1 ounce of waterless wash to 48 ounces of water. The BLACKFIRE Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer is the perfect bottle for waterless washes because it holds 48 ounces of solution, making for easy product measurement.

If you washed your vehicle every time a little dust settled on it, you'd be washing it every day! The fact is that our clean vehicles have to face the outdoors and they are going to get dirty, often far sooner than we'd like. To make it easier to keep vehicles clean between washes, manufacturers developed waterless washes. These spray-and-wipe cleaners are quick, convenient, and they do remove dirt... but BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash Concentrate does all that and saves you money.

BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash Concentrate dilutes 1:48 with water. One 16 oz. bottle of concentrate is equal to 38 20 oz. spray bottles or 24 32 oz. bottles of ready-to-use waterless wash!

BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash removes dust and dirt PLUS it protects the existing wax or paint sealant. Built-in Wet Diamond polymers - the same found in BLACKFIRE's revolutionary paint sealant - bond to the vehicle to reinvigorate the shine and boost the paint protection. These polymers are anti-static, meaning they do not attract dust or dirt. When you use BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash Concentrate, the results last longer than a couple hours - they can last a few days because less dirt sticks.

Added UV protectants in BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash Concentrate keep your paint finish vibrant and rich.

BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash Concentrate works on paint, clear coats, glass, metal, and plastics. It delivers a just-detailed shine without streaking or clouding. For the best results, work out of direct sunlight and use a clean, soft microfiber towel, like the Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel. Flip the towel often to use a clean side.

If you want your waterless wash to do more but cost less, you need BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash Concentrate.


  • Safely cleans paint, chrome, plastics, glass, and metals.
  • Enhances gloss and protection.
  • Dries clear and resists streaking.
  • High lubricity polymers protect surfaces from marring.
  • 1:48 dilution ratio.
Washing your car without water has never been this quick or easy!


Work out of direct sunlight for best results. Dilute 1 part concentrate with 48 parts water in a spray bottle. We recommend using the BLACKFIRE Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer because it is 48 ounces, making proper dilution a breeze, and it disperses a liberal amount of product in an adjustable spray pattern. Spray desired surface and use a folded microfiber buffing towel to wipe in one direction. As the towel becomes soiled, flip to a clean side. Continue in this manner until the entire vehicle has been detailed. Change to a fresh towel as needed.

16 oz. concentrate

BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash Concentrate 1:48 Buy One, Get One FREE!

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9 Reviews
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78% Recommend this product (7 of 9 responses)
By Bruce
Florence Oregon
August 4, 2016
Love This Stuff
I mixed up the first batch and tried it on my BlackF250. It did a great job on everything even the Windows and the wheels. Then I tried it on the mirrors, Windows, and counters in the house. It worked fantastic so my wife wanted her own sprayer. Try it I think you will like it. Follow the directions for mixing and use.
ProsEasy to use. Very little polishing needed to remove residue. Can be used on almost all surfaces but probably not the tires. It does not leave a hazy residue or film. Wipes clear and clean. Really good stuff.
By Mark
North Carolina
June 30, 2016
Overall great product
I am not usually one to write reviews on products, but this product is so good that I have to write a review. Although this product is advertised as a waterless wash product I have found a better use for it. I found that this is the best glass cleaner I have used to date, plus it's the most affordable since it's diluted 1:48. I do not get any streaks when using this as a glass cleaner even in the direct sunlight. I also love this product as a waterless wash product to clean my vehicle after a rainstorm or from mid-week dirt accumulated. Overall a great product.
ProsOff label uses
ConsA little pricey.
By Richard
Prescott, AZ
May 12, 2016
BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash Concentrate
Purchased this product after seeing an Autogeek team prepping a car for SEMA on the Velocity Channel. Used it for cleaning our 2016 Corvette after dusting it with a California Duster. It took 20 minutes to do the car and the results were great. If you have a car that is dusty (not dirty) I would recommend this product for cleaning. Also get the Blackfire pump sprayer.
By armsignet
new mexico
April 22, 2015
works great
Great for a quick clean after rain or a week's worth of dust. I am very impressed with how well this works.
By Roger R
Elk Grove Village Illinois
January 4, 2015
A tuely GREAT waterless product!
This is the 3 rd waterless product I've used to date and IMO it's the best. It has a pleasant scent, as most waterless products do, and the shine left behind is not to be overlooked!! Buying the concentrate is really a money saved too. One bottle makes a total of 80 ounces of waterless wash, a great value. I use mine in an old ECO TOUCH spray bottle and it foams a bit but I find this helps dispense the product even more but any sprAY bottle will do. Just do a section at a time and have a spare micro fiber towel for buffing and your all set. I only use plush, edgeless micro fiber towels for using any waterless and its really the best option IMO. Whether your new to waterless or a vet wanting to try something new, Blackfire waterless wash concentrate will make keeping your ride cleaner easier!
Pros-wash anywhere -economical -easy to use -pleasant scent -great shine afterwards
Cons-None I can think of
By Zoraida
Puerto Rico
November 9, 2014
waterless wash
unbelievable! I was in shock to see all the dirt that came off my car! Better yet, no hose in the way!
By Mike
Gastonia, NC
October 20, 2014
Good product overall
Bought the waterless wash concentrate on BOGO! Great deal. This is my first waterless wash product... and I'm pleased overall with the results. When paired with a quality MF (tried both Cobra Supreme 530s and Super Plush's) on my PBL DSC coated finish, I found absolutely no scratching or marring after removing some pretty tough grime and bug splatter after a 200 mile interstate trip. Left the treated surfaces looking nicely cleaned, with no noticeable streaking (after a follow up buffing pass). Hard to tell if it amplified the gloss at all. The wash doesn't power through dried-on bugs like I hoped it would. Also, even when misted well, the wash does tend to drip and run like crazy on vertical panels. When washing top to bottom, this usually isn't a big issue, but I don't like the idea of having to remove pooled product from random non-painted surfaces on a "semi-clean" car. Perhaps I'm just used to quick detailers though... I can definitely live with this product!
Pros+Good performance on dirt and particulates +Does not scratch (on a ceramic coated surface, have not tested uncoated paint surfaces) +Very pleasant scent +Decent dilution ratio, makes a good amount of product (but not as much as say, pinnacle) +Buffs clean and streak-free in one additional pass
Cons-Did not remove all dried on bug splatter -Low viscosity formulation when compared to some instant detailers, drips and runs on vertical panels
By Michael
June 20, 2013
The Best
This is the best product I have used in the last 6 months and with out doubt well worth spending the $ you will not be disappointed.
By Bfisher
December 17, 2012
Excellent waterless wash
I use this product every weekend to detail my cars. Goes on easily, wipes dirt off without scratching, and buffs to a nice shine. I buy the concentrate because I apply liberally to the car and tend to go through the solution quickly. Definitely keeps my cars looking good.