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Autogeek Neck Gaiter

Autogeek Neck Gaiter

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Protect your face from things that spread your way!

The Autogeek Neck Gaiter is a way to keep you safe during times of COVID-19, but also can be useful for different purposes. The Autogeek Neck Gaiter can be worn in 7+ different ways! The Autogeek Neck Gaiter can be worn as a face mask, headband, beanie, neck scarf, scrunchie, balaclava, wrist band and can even be used as rally towel. Not only will you look cool, but you can use the Autogeek Neck Gaiter even when face masks are no longer required.

In a time where germs and viruses are running rampant, you have to do everything you can protect yourself. Face masks are becoming the norm, but with the Autogeek Neck Gaiter you can have more than you ever imagined in one product. The Autogeek Neck Gaiter protects you against the harmful spread of germs and the dangerous effects they carry with them, but you still can look cool when wearing it.

The Autogeek Neck Gaiter is a dark black, breathable material with the Autogeek logo in white, making you not only protected from germs, but also very fashionable. The Autogeek Neck Gaiter has the option to wrap around your face to protect you from spreading any germs you may have towards other people. It also keeps you from touching your mouth/face to prevent any germs from harming you. With the mandatory requirements across different parts of the world enforcing the wearing of face masks, why not have one that shows off your love for Autogeek?

Even when face masks are no longer a requirement, the Autogeek Neck Gaiter can still be worn as face mask when detailing (to protect against fumes), construction work, as well as, to protect against windburn and even sunburn. Plus, with all the other ways you can wear it, you will have yourself a beanie, headband, scrunchie, and wristband!
Autogeek Neck Gaiter Beanie Autogeek Neck Gaiter headband
Autogeek Neck Gaiter scrunchie Autogeek Neck Gaiter Wristband

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Autogeek Neck Gaiter