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Autogeek 25 Foot Pro Lock Extension Cord

No need to blow a fuse when you pull your plug!

The Autogeek Pro Lock Extension Cord solves what is probably the most infuriating problem with using a power tool. Having the plug disconnect from your extension cord while you’re working! Thanks to the Pro Lock locking connector, once you plug into the Autogeek Pro Lock Extension Cord, it’s not going anywhere until you are completely done! The Autogeek Pro Lock Extension Cord is durably built so it can tackle any job, inside or outside, without prematurely fraying or splitting. The Autogeek Pro Lock Extension Cord even has a convenient LED on the end to let you know when power is supplied to the cord!

Whether you are detailing, vacuuming your floor, or sawing 2-by-4’s for your new deck, we have all experienced it. You are steadily working on finishing your project, focused on the task at hand. Then, all of a sudden, your tool sputters out without explanation. Your concentration is broken, and a sudden wave of frustration washes over you. Now you have to stop what you are doing just you can go plug your tool back into your extension cord! If you were using the Autogeek Pro Lock Extension Cord, you would be able to avoid all the unneeded frustration of losing power to your tool!

The Autogeek Pro Lock Extension Cord incudes a special plug locking connector that will prevent your plug from coming out! This genius design will only release the male end of your polisher if the connector collar is pulled down, which isn’t likely to happen unless you wanted to pull it down, even if you are dragging it across the floor the whole day!

The only option prior to the Autogeek Pro Lock Extension Cord for solving your cord de-plugging woes was to tie the cords in a knot. However, that creates a large knot that can very easily get caught on the tire or other surrounding obstacles! Not to mention that it puts added strain on the joint where your cord and plug meet, reducing the life-span of your tool and your cord.

If you don’t have access to a garage or indoor working area, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be harming your Autogeek Pro Lock Extension Cord by working outdoors. The Autogeek Pro Lock Extension Cord was manufactured using a thick-grade rubber that will not be easily split or shredded. Additionally, the connection collar and male/female ends are durable enough to withstand being dragged or banged against concrete repeatedly without any serious damage.

You can even see whether or not your cord is supplying power at a glance. The female end of your Autogeek Pro Lock Extension Cord will light up when there is power running through your cord. So, you won’t have to worry about tracking down the wall outlet to see if it is plugged in!

25 feet long.

Additional discounts are not applicable.

Autogeek 25 Foot Pro Lock Extension Cord

Price: $39.99, 2/$74.99
Item ID: AG-CORD25
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
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Lecanto, Fl
Quality product
I really like the fact that they lock on to a buffer or what you are using
Laurel, MS
Best extension cord
A heavy-duty extension cord that does exactly as advertised. Locks in your tool's cord and it also lights up at the source of power and where the cords connect. A bit expensive for me or I would have two of these.
Love my purchase.
ConsA bit expensive.