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Accutire Standard Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Taking an accurate reading is “pressure-free” with Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge! It will do all of the work for you.

One of our customers in Atlanta, Georgia wrote us recently, raving about this tire gauge. He wrote, “I look for quality and longevity when I purchase a new car accessory, and I have to say that Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge is everything I was hoping for! It’s so easy to use, I keep it in my glove box all the time in case I need a reading. Since I have been using this gauge, I have been able to figure out when I need to check for tire damage, and if I need to get out the spare. Thanks for turning me on to this tire gauge, it has saved me money and it’s easy to use!” We couldn’t agree more. Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge makes it easy for anyone to receive an accurate tire gauge reading.

Accuracy Guaranteed. The accuracy of this tire pressure gauge will astound you! It will read within 0.5 PSI, better than most tire gauges in the car care industry. The Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge includes a long-lasting lithium battery. This gauge is a work horse, reading air pressure from 5-150 PSI in ½ pound increments. When you are dealing with possible tire deflating, a quality and accurate reading is essential.

Heavy Duty Construction. This tire pressure gauge is tough! The rugged design is everlasting. It has an angled head and rubber coated handle for easy gripping. The LCD display is easy to read and large enough for those of us with less than perfect eyesight. Automatic Shut Off. You are trying to get to the bottom of why your tire is deflating, and as you are working on your tire post-reading, you may not realize you forgot to turn off the gauge. No need to worry, Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge is equipped with an automatic shut off.

Five Year Guarantee. You won’t need to worry about this, but if in the rare instance a problem should occur with your gauge, Accutire provides this warranty. Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge is heavy duty in construction, while having a precision digital system programmed within its hard, rugged shell. Here are some questions and answers about this tire pressure gauge you may find helpful.

Q: Can I use my Accutire Standard Tire Gauge on different types of tires?

A: Yes, it is versatile and will work on car, truck, trailer, motorcycle, and bicycle tires. Also useful on ATV’s!

Q: Can I hold Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge in one hand?

A: Absolutely! Convenience and lightweight, this tire pressure gauge will allow you a free hand while you are checking for a reading.

Q: I wanted to get Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge for my father, but he’s in his seventies and has trouble reading. Is the LCD display bright and easy to read?

A: Great gift idea! Yes, the LCD display is large and easy to read. Thanks for the idea; this tire pressure gauge makes a great gift for senior drivers.


  • Angled head and LCD display make the reading easy
  • Heavy duty digital gauge reads 5 to 150 psi in 1/2-pound increments
  • Runs off a permanent Lifetime Lithium battery
  • Automatically shuts on/off
  • Rubber-coated handle provides comfortable grip
  • 5 year warranty
  • Accutire Standard Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

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    By Michael
    Newark, Ohio 43056
    December 3, 2014
    Replaced battery in 2 units. Now, neither one work. Reads 1.0 lbs. at all times.
    I had both gauges(2) for a long, long time now. Batteries finally conked out so I replaced with exact like/kind & quality. After replacement was completed, neither unit worked properly. They both read 1.0 lbs. and nothing more. Is there a re-set on these units or are they disposable after battery life is exhausted? I'm ready to pitch them but wanted to check with you folks before I do. They have been excellent gauges up to this point and time. I will appreciate any suggestions or instructions if you can help. Thank you.
    By Clint
    Greenwood, SC
    October 12, 2014
    If you replace the batteries, it won't work..JUNK!
    This ACCUTIRE gauge worked fine for about a year or two then started displaying an "L" which means low battery. So I purchased THREE button batteries ($8.00) and replaced the old ones. I still get the "L" reading. I will just have to buy a new gauge.... but it won't be an ACCUTIRE this time!
    ProsGreat for about a year
    ConsOnce batteries need to be replaced, just throw it away.
    By Bob
    New Jersey
    September 3, 2014
    Works very well
    The shape of the accutire makes it easy to use and get an accurate reading
    By Mike
    August 28, 2014
    Easy to use.
    Seems to be accurate. Checked it against other gauges. Hopefully it will last a long time.
    By Maureen
    Long Island, NY
    August 1, 2014
    Very pleased with item
    The gauging was exactly on point with my mechanic's professional equipment. Am very pleased with this product.
    By John T.
    December 5, 2013
    Good tool for the garage
    I bought one of these tools on 05/25/00 @ Sam's Club and have been very satisfied with it. I have had 3-7 vehicles on the road, plus bicycles, plus yard equipment, plus recreation equipment, plus construction equipment, etc. thus this has seen MUCH use. The only issue I have is the plastic valve stem pusher broke. If the gauge is pushed straight onto the tire valve stem it will last longer. The head screws on and might be fixable but, for less than a buck a year this is well worth the money. I will get another asap - a good tool for the garage!
    By Matt
    November 14, 2012
    Accutire Review
    I bought the gauge even though I have other "manual" gauges. Not only was I impressed with the simplicity of using it, I want to check my tires more often! It is an excellent value and worth many times it's price. Even my wife noticed how much better the car rode. Do you make any other products for the automobile?
    By David
    July 27, 2012
    Best I've ever used
    This is the 4th one I've bought. Xmas presents and I've lost one. Reads dirt bike tires to 8 psi and truck tires to 80 psi. Repeatable results. 1/2 lb increments for my motorcycles is crucial. Sometimes difficult to get in between spoke wheels. Buy it.
    By Bill
    June 15, 2011
    Battery replacement
    Found the Accutire very easy to use and the batteries lasted for years but, when the three button batts wore out, the new replacements could not reactivate the gauge. I wonder if this problem has been resolved.
    By Mike Hoffman
    July 3, 2009
    Earlier model great
    I have a model R-0597, a gift at least 10 years ago-it is reliable-has always worked.
    By Phil Hall
    April 30, 2009
    Grossly inaccurate
    I purchased this item on sale and was looking forward to using a tool that would give accurate readings for my auto and bicycle tires. Alas, the readings have nothing to do with reality. The first check of my bicycle tires gave a reading of 160 lbs psi on the front tire (16.0?) and 195 (19.5?) on the rear tire, neither of which could possibly be correct. Unless there's some divisor to use on the indicated number, this is a complete waste of money.
    By Mark Drew
    April 22, 2009
    Battery Is Not Permanent
    The claim that the battery in this gauge is permanent is not true. Like all batteries, it will eventually run out of juice, and your display will show the letter L to indicate that the power is too low to accurately measure tire pressure. Should you take it upon yourself to change the battery, as I did, the unit will not measure pressure accurately, so you may as well buy a new gauge. My advice, get the one with the replaceable batteries.
    By victoria
    March 29, 2009
    get something that works after you replace "lifetime batt"
    purchased this product about 4 years ago, used it several times and stored in my glove box. took it out one day and display read "L". i changed the "lifetime lithium battery" (which turned out to be a normal watch/camera batt), and now everything reads 1 lb....uh, don't think so. so, off to buy something i know will work AFTER i change the lifetime battery...accutire, thanks, but no thanks!
    By Ron
    December 30, 2008
    Great; but one weak spot
    I've had three of these. They were accurate & easy to use. But each one eventually broke. The pin that goes into the center of the tires' valve stems, to open the valve, is made of plastic. If you don't push the gauge perfectly straight onto the valve stem, that plastic pin will eventually break. It won't harm your valve stem; but it makes the gauge useless.
    By Deepti Shinde
    August 17, 2008
    Junk Product
    I had this tire gauge sitiing in my glove compartment for about 2-3 years. Went to use it today and the displays only read an "L". This means that the battery (which they say is a lifetime battery) is dead. The battery died after being used myaybe 3-4 times.