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3M Finesse-It II Machine Polish 16 oz. - 39003

3M Finesse-It II Machine Polish 16 oz. - 39003Use with a buffer or polisher to revitalize old, dull, abused or neglected paint finishes—in no time!

Let’s face it. If you actually own a high speed or orbital buffer, chances are you’re a car care fanatic. If there is one in your garage that doesn’t belong to you, chances are it’s your car fanatic-neighbor’s, and he wants it back! 3M has formulated a polish especially to work with a machine polisher—and, boy does it ever! Minor imperfections are quickly and effortlessly wiped away with only a few passes of the buffer.

Spectacular results in a fraction of the time, a fraction of the effort! Minor scratches, swirls, water spots and oxidation are vanquished, delivering a flawless, deep wet-looking shine. Apply enough Polish to your orbital’s polishing pad to treat a 2’ x 2’ area of the car at a time. Using light to medium pressure, apply Machine Polish to the surface of your car. Allow it to dry to a haze, and then buff it away to a brilliant shine. Minor imperfections are eradicated, leaving behind only a beautiful, smooth surface, ready for your favorite wax or sealant.

A polish such as 3M Finesse-It Machine Polish works its magic in part by removing the protective wax or sealant layer. Your paint will look and feel fantastic after application, but it needs another layer of protection to keep it that way. 3M’s polishes are fantastic for “Finesse-ing-It,” but I feel other lines offer better choices for protection.

The same outstanding level of protection, two ways to arrive there. If longevity, ease of use and minimum upkeep are your priorities, a synthetic paint sealant is appropriate for you. If you like the looks of a conventional wax (stereotypically a heavier, wetter look), a Carnauba like Pinnacle Souveran™ or Signature Series II will give you what you’re after. For the best of both worlds, start with a quality paint sealant like Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0, allow it to cure, then layer it with one of the traditional Pinnacle waxes. Wow! These two lines work together seamlessly, giving you all of the advantages of both.

16 fl. oz.


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