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3D Pink Car Soap

Safe, simple, and effective car wash

3D Pink Car Soap is a gentle car wash shampoo that gently lifts away dirt and grime from your vehicle without scratching the paint. The thick suds provide ample lubrication to prevent wash-induced swirls and scratches. 3D Pink Car Soap is pH-balanced and will not strip waxes and sealants. This ultra-thick car wash soap rinses clean and will not leave an unwanted film on your vehicle. 3D Pink Car Soap is about as user-friendly as a car wash soap can be!

3D Pink Car Soap is tough on dirt, but gentle on wax finishes. 3D Pink Car Soap will not remove wax coatings, making it an ideal choice for a weekly maintenance wash. You’ll love the thick, luxurious suds that 3D Pink Car Soap creates with a quick jet of water.

If a car wash soap dries out your hands, imagine what it’s doing to the delicate clear coat paint on your car. That’s not an issue with 3D Pink Car Soap. This gentle, effective formula is pH-balanced and 100% biodegradable. Not only is 3D Pink Car Soap a pleasure to use, but you can also be proud that it’s environmentally friendly too.

If you’re looking for a quality car wash soap that rinses clean and doesn’t leave any gloss enhancers or silicone oils behind, 3D Pink Car Soap is for you!

16 oz.

3D Pink Car Soap

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