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3D AAT Cutting Compound 32 oz.

Adaptive abrasive technology is the next generation of polishing compounds

3D AAT Rubbing Compound is a silicone-free, body-shop safe polishing compound that is designed to annihilate 1000 grit sanding marks, swirls, scratches, water marks and other imperfections that hinder the gloss and color of your paint. Formulated using Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT), 3D AAT Rubbing Compound removes the aforementioned defects without hazing or dulling the finish. As a matter of fact, 3D AAT Rubbing Compound finishes better than most fine-cut polishes!

3D AAT Rubbing Compound will change the way you look at compounds altogether. Put it this way: if we sanded and compounded a black panel and told you that a rubbing compound was used to remove the sanding marks, you wouldn’t believe us – plain and simple. 3D AAT Rubbing Compound offers a level of cutting and finishing action that is unheard for a product capable of removing 1000 grit sanding marks.

3D AAT Rubbing Compound is a water-born product. What this means is that the compound can be re-activated with a light mist of water. This is a great way to perform an extra pass or two without having to add more compound to your buffing pad.

3D AAT Rubbing Compound can be applied with any type of polisher – rotary or dual action – with foam, wool or microfiber pads.

During our testing of 3D AAT Rubbing Compound, we were very impressed with the long buffing cycle and easy wipe off. 3D AAT Rubbing Compound is so concentrated that you don’t even have to prime your buffing pad. Three dime-sized drops of compound is more than enough product to compound the entire hood of a small sedan.

To create a finish with an even more impressive distinction of image, follow AAT Rubbing Compound with AAT Finishing Polish and prepare to be amazed!

32 oz.

3D AAT Cutting Compound 32 oz.

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Albuquerque New Mexico
3D Att
I was expecting it to cut better then it did. Using a 7 inch wool pad, but it did ok. Only negative was super hard coming off
Orchard park, ny
New fave!!!!
Fantastic simply awesome great!!
my absolute favorite, easy to use cutting compound ever!!! Love it!! Especially finishing off with aat 502!!
Literally zero dusting strait through!!
Great adrasive technology will last a long time through any tough correcting job!!
A little goes a long way!
ProsLong work time No dusting no mess Fast cutting smooth correcting
ConsNone found
Rochester Hills, MI
Go To Heavy Cutter
There is a certain confidence one has when they know a compound will deliver the gloss consistently. AAT501 has become that compound for me.

While I use ACA500 foe the super heavy cutting, AAT501 is a cost effective default for general heavy cutting. Rated to remove 1000 grit sanding marks, 501 easily eliminates most defects even on very hard clear coats, and often finishes down very well for the amount of cut it has. That being said, I've definitely had it haze with really aggressive pads on some paints. That's ok with me, because when I need the cut 501 is right there for me.

It really seems to like yellow LC CCS, Buff and Shine Uro-Fiber, and Uro-Wool pads in my environment, but I'm sure it will be at home with just about any cutting pad.

AAT501 had a unique consistency. It is a medium consistency liquid, forming nice round pea shapes on the pad, but turns very liquid when spreading out over the work area. As it is worked the wet film "settles", and you can see the work being done through the film. The film stays workable for a very long time with little to no dust. It dusts just enough to be easily knocked off the pad, but not enough to create a huge mess while compounding.

The scent is pleasant, but it took me a minute to get used to it.

I follow with AAT502, which easily removes any marring or haze left behind, and some of the best gloss I've ever experienced from a finishing polish.
ProsVery heavy cut Excellent workability little to no dust Excellent cut to finish considering how heavy it cuts
Hickory, NC
Great cutting compound
I use this compound in a bodyshop environment. Orange peel wet sand marks don't have a chance.
Northern California
It does what it claims to do
I used this product on a work truck that I recently purchased. The truck appears to have had its paint neglected for its entire life (built in October 1998, so 20 years). There was severe oxidation, heavy scratching from off-road hunting excursions (we call them Sierra Pinstripes out here) and the clear coat has failed and blistered off in spots. Nothing short of repainting will make this truck look new, but this stuff sure made it a heck of a lot better!

To be fair, I wet sanded in spots where the clear coat was flaking off just to flatten the transition between the spots of base coat and the spots that still had clear coat. After sanding with 2000 grit I used a wool cutting pad on a rotary machine, along with this product. I followed that up with a fine cut polish on a foam pad and voila! See the pictures below. I have yet to finish the project, but I am definitely seeing results.

The paint has different hues in the spots without clear coat on them, but it is uniformly shiny now. I'll take that over how it started out any day! See the 2nd picture

All in all, this product does exactly what it says it will do - and it does it well. I found it easy to use.