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Montana Original Tri-Angle Boar's Hair Car Wash Brush

It's a luxurious way to wash from any angle!

The unique shape of the Montana Original Tri-Angle Boar's Hair Wash Brush eliminates the hard edges of the brush head by covering all its sides in soft boar’s hair bristles. Tilt the brush on its side and the bristles will still have excellent contact with the vehicle surface. This brush offers great access to concave areas and crevices plus the luxury of genuine boar’s hair!

The Montana Original Tri-Angle Boar's Hair Wash Brush features four hundred hairs per bundle. Boar's hair is naturally feathered at the ends but our bristles are flagged (split) one more time before being affixed to the heavy duty plastic handle. The tight bundles of hair ensure that the bristles remain sturdy as they gently whisk away dirt and grime from your vehicle.

Boar's hair is surprisingly soft and its durability is unmatched by any other natural hair. It's been used to make hair brushes for people for years. Unlike synthetic bristles that can rub your vehicle the wrong way, boar's hair stays soft. It lightly massages the surface of the paint and, amazingly, it doesn't fall limp when wet. No nylon or polyester fibers are used in this brush – its 100% boar's hair!

Each of the dense bundles of hair is permanently secured to a 10” molded plastic block. Bristles extend from the sides, front, and bottom of the block, creating a huge surface area. This design allows you to tilt the brush to clean in tight places. The abundance of bristles gives the Montana Original Tri-Angle Boar's Hair Wash Brush exceptional surface contact to clean large vehicles faster.

Boar's hair naturally holds more soapy water than synthetic materials and the bristles do not retain dirt like sponges or mitts can.

Use the Montana Original Tri-Angle Boar's Hair Brush to gently wash large vehicles – like vans, big trucks, and SUVs – as well as boats and RVs. The soft, natural bristles will not scratch clear coats, gel coats, fiberglass, plastic, or any other surface.

This is a huge brush! The total width is 18 inches. The base is 10 inches wide with 4 inch bristles extending from each side.

Give your vehicle a luxurious wash with the Montana Original Tri-Angle Boar's Hair Wash Brush . Its dense head of soft bristles gives it excellent access and maneuverability as it glides over your vehicle's delicate surfaces.

Total width is 18 inches.

Made in U.S.A.

Detailing Tip: It's recommended you soak your boar's hair wash brush in soapy water for a few minutes before use to make the hairs softer and more pliable.

The Montana Original Tri-Angle Boar’s Hair Wash Brush is threaded to fit the Telescopic Handle listed below. Buy them together at the bottom of this page and save $4.99 off the price of the handle!

Montana Original Tri-Angle Boar's Hair Car Wash Brush

Our Price: $119.99
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Montana Original Tri-Angle Boar’s Hair Car Wash Brush
5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

car brush
November 30, 2016
Great brush
Large brush

Cleveland, Ohio Area
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Another "Must Have"
July 22, 2015
The bristles are softer than a baby's behind. Fits in a 5 gal. pail. Can wash a vehicle faster with little effort and without getting your hands wet. No longer need a ladder to wash the roof.
What's not to like.
O.K it isn't cheap but it sure makes the job a heck of a lot easier.

Hatfield, PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

No more wet cold hands in the winter
December 13, 2014
Great Product, wash midsize SUV in one fourth the time compare to using wash mitt , gets into tight spots & does not miss any spots , well worth the money, what is your time worth . Yes I will buy this product again .
Cleans odd shape areas fast and easy, hold plenty of soap.

Lake Milton , Ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Montana Tri-Angle Boars Hair Brush
August 23, 2014
Although costly , this is a super brush . It doesn't scratch and it doesn't leave streaks. If you have a big pickup as I do this is a lot of help.
Very good quality .

Kathy W. San Francisco, CA
5 Stars

Worth the Investment
April 19, 2011
I got to try a boar's hair car wash brush at a charity car wash I helped out with. Someone brought one of these with the long handle and ...wow, it made the job sooo much easier! There was a huge difference over any synthetic material. The hairs held a large amount of soapy water so you could pretty much do a quarter of the vehicle before dipping back in the bucket. The brush just glided over the car getting every place on the first go over. A lot of the vehicles we washed were mini vans and SUVs and with the long handle I was able to reach the top areas with ease. The brush owner said his has lasted for 3 years already. I'm ordering one today!