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CQuartz DLux Plastic & Wheel Coating

CQuartz DLux Plastic & Wheel Coating

Semi permanent protection for paint, plastics, rubber, and metals!

CQuartz DLux is a remarkable semi permanent coating that shields automotive surfaces from the elements and restores their appearances. The clear protective layer formed by CQuartz DLux is like a glass coating! It bonds strong, cleans up easily, and lasts up to one year. Now that's low-maintenance protection!

CQuartz DLux is different from the original CQuartz formula in that DLux contains more than 50% pure silica! Silica is what makes up glass, making DLux essentially a glass coating for your vehicle's plastic and rubber exterior surfaces. As an added benefit, the main component of DLux is orgnosilane, a compound that repels water and dirt away from the surface it coats.

Cquartz Dlux restores a like-new appearance to all exterior plastic and rubber surfaces
Application of Cquartz Dlux is quick and easy
Surfaces treated with Cquartz Dlux retain their color for up to a year
After: Cquartz Dlux Plastic & Wheel Coating restores a like-new, factory appearance to plastic and rubber surfaces.

Enough with all the technical stuff - what does it do for your car?  CQuartz DLux coats plastic and rubber exterior surfaces with a low-gloss, like-new factory finish that stays cleaner longer. It repels UV rays and moisture with a crystal clear coating. CQuartz DLux forms an incredible bond that lasts through rain showers and car washes for up to one year!

CQuartz DLux offers the same impenetrable protection to plastic trim, rubber, and wheels. It restores the rich look of faded plastic trim and keeps it dark with strong UV protection. Apply CQuartz DLux to wheels to block out brake dust and cut your cleaning time in half. 

CQuartz DLux even protects surfaces from water spots. Minerals left by water cannot penetrate this tough coating.

Due to the semi-permanent nature of CQuartz DLux, it should be used on a very clean, dry surfaces. Treated surfaces should first be cleaned with an exterior cleaner, such as Detailer's Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner.


  1. Make sure the surface is cool and dry. (Do not work on hot surface.)
  2. Clean the surface to remove oil film and wait until the surface is dry.
  3. Wrap the blue sponge with a suede cloth. Pour a small amount of DLux onto the suede cloth and apply on the work surface. (Recommendation: 1~2drops/ 10cm².)
    Let cure 1~10 minutes at 30~10° C (86-50° F), respectively.
  4. Use a clean auto detailing cloth or suede microfiber to wipe it off gently, in a circle motion until no streaks are left behind.

Note: DLux takes 1~3 hours to cure. Do not drive the car during this time. The water repellency improves with more cure time. Complete cure with NO rain takes 24 hours. Any water marks created by rain must be wiped off during first 24 hours!  

1 blue sponge applicator
4 suede 10cm² microfiber

CQuartz DLux Plastic & Wheel Coating
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CQuartz DLux Plastic & Wheel Coating
5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
Pocono PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 22, 2016
Great coating...Used on 12 year trim in combination with forever black and couldnt be happier..Where other off the shelf plastic trim restores failed, this stuff flat out works. Have had on for 8 months and still working!!!

Ft. Myers, Fl.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

CQuartz DLux is Great
June 4, 2015
I have a 2007 Ford Escape that need something done to the plastic trim. It was faded gray looking mess. I looked at so products in the auto parts store but decided to check out online suggestions first. I saw the advise to stay away from oily products that did not last long on the plastic. I read the reviews for CQuartz DLux Plasic & Wheel Coating. I ordered the small bottle with the suede pads. This product is Great the plastic looks like new and water beads right up after a rain. I would suggest getting a larger piece of suede and making your own pads; the ones provided work great but you will need more then provided. Do not hesitate to order this product, it costs a little more but does a great job.
Easy to use Makes the plastic look like new no mess
Suede pads are small and you need more of them to do a car

Southern CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

CQuartz DLux Plastic & Wheel Coating
June 3, 2015
Great product with ease to follow instructions. I would have given five (5) stars but the suede cloths are too small. Product should provide larger suede cloths.
Grow a product! Bonus item is also a plus
Suede cloth provided is not sufficient.

United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very Impressed
January 18, 2015
This product works very well. I did have trouble with it streaking upon removal. Make sure that you read the online directions as the directions on the box are limited. Also, make sure that you tape around the trim. It will not come off glass or paint!
Goes on easily
dries on glass and will not come off.

5 Stars

Works exactly as advertised
August 14, 2013
Was hesitant to order this product due to the price, but finally pulled the trigger and am very happy I did. Coated all the exterior plastics on my Tundra with Dlux and am very impressed because my vehicle sits outside in alternating rain/sun 24 hrs/day. After applying Dlux the water beads right off the plastics, they look darker, and the protection lasted almost 1 year. Using 2 drops at a time on the applicator this small bottle is going to last me a very long time. After two generous applications on my full size pickup truck the bottle is still over half full. Highly reccommend.

5 Stars

July 8, 2013
Great product. Restored the trim to a dark rich color. Just make sure you do the prep work before applying.