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CarPro Iron X Snow Soap 1 Liter

CarPro Iron X Snow Soap 1 Liter
Cleanse paint of iron contaminants better than ever with Iron X Snow Soap!

Iron X Snow Soap by CarPro decontaminates automotive paint, glass, chrome and wheels by removing corrosive iron particles. Iron X Snow Soap opens up the pores in the paint as you wash your vehicle, releasing ferrous airborne particles before they can cause further damage. Iron X Snow Soap is also formulated with an advanced blend of degreasers so it has the power to cut through heavy road film leaving paint squeaky clean and ready for polishing.

If you’re a professional detailer, you know that gloss and reflection comes from paint that’s free of contaminants. While the use of detailing clay removes above surface contaminants, it doesn’t completely rid the surface of all impurities such as ferrous (iron containing) airborne particles. Such particles hinder shine and reflection on painted surfaces, leaving you with less-than-desirable levels of gloss, reflection and smoothness. Iron X Snow Soap opens up the pores in the paint, releasing these contaminants so they can be washed away by the thick, foamy solution.

Iron X Snow Soap features a high-foaming formula that works great in our Foam Cannon HP or Foamaster Foam Gun. Its formula is highly concentrated and when used in conjunction with the aforementioned wash guns, it will produce mounds of thick foam that will cling to your vehicle’s surfaces ridding them of dirt, road grime, and - more importantly – ferrous airborne particles. What’s more, Iron X Snow Soap changes color as it interacts with such ferrous airborne particles, letting you know that it’s working!


  • High Lubricity
  • pH balanced
  • Contains degreasers that cut through road film and heavy grime with ease
  • Produces thick foam that clings to all surfaces
  • Removes ferrous airborne particles
  • Changes color as it interacts with iron particles
  • Clear coat safe
  • Phosphate free
  • Will not affect durability of coatings and polymer-based paint sealants

Have a foam party with Iron X Snow Soap!

1 Liter.

CarPro Iron X Snow Soap 1 Liter
Item #: CP-173-SF
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CarPro Iron X Snow Soap 1 Liter
4.5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Frank Bardani
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great for heavy cleaning
December 17, 2015
i've found this product to be extremely effective in removing heavy grime and road grease from my vehicles. it's a great pre polish and wax prep and a very effective cleanser during the winter months!
great foaming action
smells a bit

Lititz pa
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good cleaner
April 19, 2015
Great prep for polish.....or nano coat
Easy to use....turns purple ......rinse

McFarland, Wisconsin
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 28, 2014
Smells awful, works GREAT! Cleaned my rims (which hadn't been seriously cleaned in 5 years) and removed all the brake residue. Left them sparkling clean! Highly recommend this product!
Works great!

2 Stars

Blind Faith
September 7, 2012
I've used the Iron X Snow Soap on 4 cars now as part of prepping the vehicle for poilishing. I haven't seen any changes in color. Zero bleeding affect so far even when sprayed on the wheels. The foam is slightly pink when it comes out of the foam cannon