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6.25 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Wool Cutting Pad (Single)

6.25 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Wool Cutting Pad (Single)
This wool pad is similar to the regular purple foamed wool pad but has more foam in the core, making it denser. The foam-wool composition means this pad sheds less, cuts better, and leaves a smoother finish than a standard wool pad.

6.25 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Wool Cutting Pad (Single)
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6 Inch Hybrid Power Finish Blue Wool Pad (Single)
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Devin- Genuine Finish Auto Detail
Phoenix, AZ
5 Stars
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My new FAVORITE PAD! Best thing EVER for a DA
August 2, 2014
I have been using a Flex 3401 DA and I have been having so much trouble finding a suitable wool pad to remove heavy defects with, when browsing i found this! I am absolutely in love with what Lake Country has done to make this the perfect optimized pad for a DA polisher/buffer! I have had to use heavy, bulky, and outdated wool pads with twisted fibers that are meant for a rotary because there just hasn't been anything that will work with my Flex and give me the correction I need. This pad is my cure all!!! It removes all the defects I have challenged it with, and then some! The correction rate I get with this pad is just simply amazing, and it doesn't make my Flex tired and stressed like traditional wool pads! If you are looking for something for your DA to correct with, GET THIS PAD NOW!