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GYEON WetCoat - 4 Liter

GYEON WetCoat - 4 Liter
The spray sealant with hydrophobic properties!

GYEON WetCoat is a unique spray sealant that applies easily and leaves your vehicle with a hydrophobic layer of protection. This revolutionary formula takes only minutes to apply and leaves paint shiny and able to repel dirt and water for up to 12 weeks. GYEON WetCoat is perfect for increasing gloss and longevity on vehicles previously treated with an SiO2 coating, and for those without a coating at all, the self-cleaning effect will reduce the number of routine washes necessary!

If you love water beading, you’ll love GYEON WetCoat! This easy to use formula delivers incredible water beading in a fraction of the time that it would take to apply a coating. If your vehicle is already coated, though, you’ll appreciate the added hydrophobic layer that will increase gloss and prolong the life of the coating.

GYEON WetCoat is unique in that it is safe to use on almost every exterior surface of your vehicle. Use it on paintwork, plastic, metal trim, rims, and even glass! A few quick sprays followed by a rinse are all it takes to create a super shiny, hydrophobic surface on your vehicle!

4000 ml. (4 Liter)

GYEON WetCoat - 4 Liter
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GYEON WetCoat - 4 Liter