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Autogeek Foam Applicator Pad

Autogeek Foam Applicator Pad
The perfect tool for hand-waxing.

The Autogeek Foam Applicator makes hand-waxing simple with soft, nonabrasive foam shaped in a palm-sized pad. Spread on paste and liquid waxes and fine polishes in even, thin coats using Autogeek's very own fine cell foam applicator.

You can feel the softness in your hand! The Autogeek Foam Applicator is made of fine cell foam with a soft, smooth texture. The smooth foam allows the applicator pad to glide over the paint without snagging and without ever scratching.

This absorbent foam holds excess liquid wax to distribute it more evenly over the paint, preventing drips and smears.

The Autogeek Foam Applicator is perfectly sized for fast, efficient detailing. Each pad is 4 inches in diameter to make it easy to grip.

Autogeek Applicator Pad

The foam pads are 1.25 inches thick and made of smooth, soft foam.

The Autogeek Foam Applicator can also be used for vinyl and rubber dressings, paint sealants, wheel waxes, and polishes. The foam works equally well for liquid and paste products. To avoid cross-contamination, store applicators used for different products separately.

The Autogeek Foam Applicator will become your go-to applicator pad for safe, gentle hand detailing.

4 x 1.25 inches

Autogeek Foam Applicator Pad
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Autogeek Foam Applicator Pads 3 Pack
Autogeek Foam Applicator Pads 3 Pack

Autogeek Foam Applicator Pads 3 Pack

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Autogeek Foam Applicator Pad