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Poorboy’s World Bug Squash 16 oz.

Remove bug splatter and more without scrubbing!

Poorboy’s Bug Squash doesn’t squash the bug; it removes the bug that’s been squashed!

Here in Florida, the most common critter to meet head-on while barreling down the highway is the Love Bug. These little bugs mate mid-flight, hence their name. Not only are they distracted as they fly, they are attracted to the odor of hot car exhaust. Plus, they often lay their eggs by the roadside where water and grass clippings have accumulated in ditches. Yep, these little bugs live and die by the road – literally. If a bug hits your windshield in Florida, it’s probably a Love Bug.

That’s why our Autogeek warehouse is loaded up on Poorboy’s Bug Squash. This intensive cleaner breaks up bug splatter, tar, sand, and road grime with little or no scrubbing. Most importantly, it works quickly to remove bugs before their organic acids eat into your paint. Likewise, Bug Squash removes road salt to prevent oxidation and corrosion of your paint finish. So, even if you’re out of the Love Bug’s territory, you still have plenty of uses for Bug Squash.

It’s always best to remove sticky contaminants as soon as they happen, before they bake in the sun. For immediate cleaning, dilute Bug Squash 3:1 (water: cleaner). For older sticky spots, use the cleaner undiluted. It is safe on glass, clear coats, paint, aluminum, plastic, vinyl, and more! As a pre-cleaner, spray all the problem areas and then wash your vehicle as usual. Bug Squash packs the extra punch to loosen stubborn contaminants.

Poorboy’s Bug Squash is a great product to have on your boat. If you store your boat in or near the water, you’ve probably encountered bird droppings on your vinyl seats more than once. Bug Squash is a quick solution. Just spray and wipe! It beats hosing down the boat right before you’re ready to set sail.

If you have no love for the Love Bugs or there’s a bird’s nest directly over your parking spot, Poorboy’s Bug Squash will quickly find a home in your detailing lineup!

Poorboy’s World Bug Squash 16 oz.

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Poorboy’s World Bug Squash 16 oz.
5 Stars based on 18 Review(s)
Cynthia Thompson
Winston-Salem, NC
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 18, 2016
I'm a 65 year old woman that enjoys washing and detailing my car. This Poorboy's World Bug Squash is by far superior than any product I have ever used. So easy to use and really does the hard work for me.
Great product.

Corbett Randall
Tennessee Colony, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Bug squash
May 21, 2015
Simply a great product took the insects off my car with ease!

Southwestern PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

May 23, 2014
I'm pretty sure my wife has never washed her white car since she purchased it 2 years ago. The front end was a bug graveyard and the side of the car was covered in thin black strings of something that wouldn't come off. Bug Squash took it all right off.
Worked well and fast

5 Stars

Amazing Stuff
September 27, 2012
What can I say, this is a great product. I just cleaned off bugs that were AT LEAST 1 year old off the hidden headlights of my 89 Firebird. Sprayed it dilluted 3:1 and let soak for maybe 30 sec the bugs came right off. Will continue buying cause it is the only bug stuff I have ever used that actually worked and didnt require a ton of elbow grease.

Dino C.
5 Stars

July 14, 2012
Love this stuff..seriously good cleaner. I use it on my car diluted 3:1 with a heavy duty sprayer and it just wipes bugs off without scrubbing! I use it as a pre-wash spot remover.

5 Stars

Makes bugs jump off paint
March 28, 2012
I diluted as specified on the bottle and use to remove bugs off the front hood and bumper along with tar behind wheels. Removing bugs couldn't be easier spray and wipe away with one pass. Works much better than tarminator.

5 Stars

winning product!
November 10, 2011
let me say this, the bugs lost the war against my paint! product works as stated and works very well, dilute to 3:1 spray on, let dwell and the bugs wipe right off!. even the bugs that have been there for a while come right off with ease! i love a product that works way better then products with a higher price! this one is staying in my arsenal!

Josh Young
5 Stars

Best bug removal option period!
November 9, 2011
Bug Squash works fantastic! It strips the bugs right off without much work!

5 Stars

Must have
September 29, 2010
Tired of cleaning a car only to see bugs the soap doesn't remove? Wet the car, spray it on, let it dwell for a minute, run a mit over it, rinse off. Tada...no bugs. Seriously, FANTASTIC STUFF. I'll be buying more as soon as I run out.

4 Stars

Highly recommended
June 14, 2009
I wouldn't say it makes bug removal completely effortless, but it's darn near it. Spray it on, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then a little agitation will take them right off. Totally a repeat-buy product.

5 Stars

great product
May 21, 2008
Bugs slid right off with this... Without it I could scrub hard for minutes and they wouldn't budge. Great product, well worth the money

5 Stars

July 16, 2007
It just works.....a must buy.

5 Stars

This stuff is GREAT!!!
June 24, 2007
This is the best Bug remover you can buy for the money. All I can say is it works.

5 Stars

No more bugs
May 27, 2007
This product simply has no fear of bugs. It makes quick and easy work of them. My wife has a suburban that is the equivalent to a billboard going down the road when it comes to hitting bugs so this was a life saver for me.

Brian G.
5 Stars

Bye-Bye bugs!
May 3, 2007
Just recently started using this product, and have been very pleased with the results. Mixed 3:1 as directed, it does a great job at removing bugs and road grime from a vehicle. A great addition to anybody's arsenal.

5 Stars

Bug Squash
April 23, 2007
This isn't your normal bug and tar remover. Bugs are not match for this product when used at full strength. Dilute it down a little and you have a nice pre-wash to soften the dirt on your car .... all of this without removing your wax!

5 Stars

June 23, 2006
This product is indispensible!! I recently came back from a road trip where I had to drive 13 hours on the highway. I had a plastic ziplock bag with a microfiber towel in it that had been saturated with bug squash. When I stopped to get gasoline on my trip I took out the microfiber to wipe off the bugs and some of the solution ran down the front of my car and the bugs that were in it's path literally fell off the car onto the ground! When I reached my destination, I sprayed the whole front end of the car in bug squash and just used a hose to spray off the front after it had sat only 30 seconds. The entire car was clean. I did not need to use any kind of rubbing whatsoever! I absolutely love this stuff and I think it is indispensible for all travelers!

5 Stars

for a little extra kick
March 19, 2006
living in the northeast , winter road salt is my enemy. PB Bug Squash safely helps loosen up the damaging salt from my finish before I wash to keep from scratching my paint.