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Optimum Two Piece Coating Applicator

Get an even application every time!

The Optimum Two Piece Coating Applicator combines a dense foam handle with a super soft foam and a 4x4 microfiber towel for the perfect coating applicator. What exactly makes the Optimum Two Piece Coating Applicator stand out from every other coating applicator out there? It’s unique design. The foam handle connects to the super soft foam using a hook and loop layer with the microfiber towel in between them. This ensures even coverage over every inch of paint!

Featuring a microfiber towel with a 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend, the Optimum Two Piece Coating Applicator is perfect for applying any paint or glass coating, especially the Optimum Gloss-Coat Paint Coating. With the triangle shaped head, you’ll find applying coatings around emblems and in tight areas easier than ever before. Now there’s no excuse not to coat the paint portions of undercarriage on your car!

Setting the Optimum Two Piece Coating Applicator is simple:
On a clean surface, lay the microfiber towel flat. Carefully position the blue layer of foam on top of the towel.
Once your foam is in position, fold the edges of the towels over and place the dense foam layer on top. The hook and loops will attach to the underside of the blue foam for a secure hold. Now you don’t have to worry about your towel slipping and sliding around during application!
To get in wedged areas, line up the corner of the blue foam to the corner of the towel before securing it all together with the black foam handle.

Optimum Two Piece Coating Applicator includes the foam applicator and a 20 pack of the blue 4x4 microfiber towels

Optimum Two Piece Coating Applicator

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