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Optimum Protectant Plus, 128 oz. Refill

Optimum Protectant Plus, 128 oz.  Refill
Complete protection for vinyl and leather without an oily film.

Finally, a protectant that works well without a sticky, shiny residue! Automotive leather and vinyl are processed with special preservatives to protect them against weathering, scratching, and fading. These preservatives diminish in a matter of months, leaving your seats and trim exposed to the elements. Optimum Protectant Plus replaces those preservative chemicals and restores your leather and vinyl to optimum condition without leaving an oily, shiny film. Your interior looks new, not dressed.

Optimum Protectant Plus works equally well on vinyl and leather. Since vinyl is made to simulate the look and feel of leather, they are both treated with similar protective chemicals. Protectant Plus mimics these chemicals to restore your interior’s original texture and resiliency. It doesn’t deposit greasy gloss agents on the surface that ultimately attract dust. Protectant Plus cleans and protects these surfaces without the greasy film and actually repels dust.

Optimum Protectant Plus protects your leather and vinyl by depositing UV inhibitors and hydrating oils deep in the pores while cleaners remove marring contaminants. Drying, cracking, and fading are prevented so your surfaces stay supple and uniform in color. Protectant Plus even hides scratches on your leather and vinyl so they virtually disappear. The finish is subtle, not shiny. Your dashboard, seats, and trim will be restored to their original color and finish.

You can use Optimum Protectant Plus on exterior trim and molding, too!

Optimum Protectant Plus contains no chemical solvents or VOC’s. Only the finest, environmentally friendly cleaners go into this superior formula.

Effective cleaning, UV protection, dust repellency, and surface restoration of your leather and vinyl all in one bottle. Optimum Protectant Plus will bring your interior back!


Optimum Protectant Plus contains no chemical solvents or other environmentally hazardous compounds. Optimum Protectant Plus contains no VOCs and only the finest methicones and cleaners that are safe for the consumer as well as for the environment.


Why do I need to use a protectant on the vinyl or leather surfaces?
These surfaces are treated to give them protection against scratching and from the elements and to make cleaning easier. Over time, these protectants are lost due to abrasion and exposure to the sun. Optimum Protectant Plus replenishes these oils as well as adding UV protectants to these surfaces.

What is the difference between Optimum Protectant Plus and other vinyl or leather protectants?
Most other products use topical oils that leave a greasy film behind which acts as dust magnet and is transferred to anything that comes in contact with. Optimum Protectant Plus only contains oils that penetrate and adhere to these surfaces which offers long-lasting protection

Does Optimum Protectant Plus change the appearance of these surfaces to a glossy finish?
No. There are some products that are oily and can turn these surfaces shiny temporarily. Optimum Protectant Plus brings back the original color of these surfaces and keeps the colors from fading over time.

128 oz.

Optimum Protectant Plus, 128 oz. Refill
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Optimum Protectant Plus, 128 oz. Refill
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
4 Stars

Optimum Protectant Plus
April 8, 2012
Optimum Protectant Plus very much like 303 Aerospace. Matte finish, leather and vinyl protection. I know the 303 cost a bit more but has a slight advantage over Optimum Protectant Plus.

5 Stars

January 3, 2011
Much, much better than 303 that STREAKS and non glossy like 303! It doesn't smell like wussy, it smells like leather but very light. OPP is the best!

Jim Olson
5 Stars

A New Champ?
December 13, 2009
I didn't think 303 Aerospace could be rivaled for UV protection and finish on plastic ,vinyl and leather. OPP may be as good. It is more like a lotion and has a nice leather scent.leaves a neutral finish. I cant judge durability yet.