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Miracle Towel, 16 x 24 inches

Miracle Towel, 16 x 24 inches

Feel the softer side of automotive care.

The Miracle Towel set the standard for microfiber with a 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide and a deep pillowy nap. Many manufacturers tried but they couldn’t recreate the softness of the Miracle Towel. Now the Miracle Towel has more of what you look for in a microfiber towel: a deeper nap, soft microfiber edge, and double-sided construction.

Microfiber has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a safe, effective, cost efficient and easy-to-use cleaning material. The EPA noted particularly that microfiber is capable of cleaning without chemicals, and therefore chemical disposal is reduced. A damp microfiber towel cleans better than any cleaner-soaked paper towel or terry cloth. Only microfiber has the ability to absorb at least 7 times it own weight in moisture and attracts dust and dirt like a magnet. Plus, microfiber is entirely manmade and will not fall apart. The Miracle Towel has all these qualities and more!

The Miracle Towel boasts a 80/20 split weave as always. The ratio refers to the amount of polyester and polyamide found in the towel. Microfiber is always made with a higher percentage of polyester to give the material incredible strength and durability. Polyamide is similar to nylon. Polyamide is extremely soft. Micro-fine fibers of polyester and polyamide are woven together to make the Miracle Towel amazingly soft and strong. Use it month after month, year after year – the Miracle Towel never loses its softness or its ability to clean.

Each fiber in the Miracle Towel is 100 times smaller than a human hair. When all these microfibers are woven together, the resulting fabric is baby soft with a plush texture that feels like the softest chenille. Compare microfiber to a terry cloth towel – there is no comparison!

The fluffy nap is ideal for buffing while the tighter loops are great for polishing and cleaning.

What makes the Miracle Towel so effective? It is made of split weave microfiber. Split weave refers to how the fibers are split during the weaving process. This weaving method gives the Miracle Towel lots of texture with “breathing room” between the individual fibers. When the towel becomes wet, these tiny chambers are capable of soaking up a tremendous volume of moisture - 7 times the towel’s own weight! Clean up spills, wipe off cleaners, or buff away quick detailers in seconds.

The Miracle Towel is ideal for buffing. The deep nap provides plenty of space for dried wax and residues to accumulate. Many towels can become caked and ineffective; the Miracle Towel keeps working because its thick microfiber loops whisk wax deep into the nap. To buff off quick detailers and spray waxes, the Miracle Towel is unmatched. The nap allows dust, dirt, and lint to move away from the paint to prevent scratching.

The Miracle Towel built for cleaning and polishing, too. One side of the towel has a deep, plush nap. The other side has shorter, tighter loops. This side is for polishing and cleaning. The tighter structure gives the towel some scrubbing power to wipe off dried cleaner waxes and polishes. The microfiber’s static charge attracts white chalky residues to leave the vehicle truly clean. Yet, the tighter loops are still soft and nonabrasive. Wipe off waxes, polishes, and cleaners without fear of scratching the paint. The Miracle Towel is completely safe on all automotive surfaces.

The soft, microfiber edge further ensures that the Miracle Towel will not scratch. The microfiber glides over the paint, pampering it with softness.

The Miracle Towel can do more! Split weave microfiber has a static charge that attracts dust and dirt like a magnet. If you run your hand over a dry Miracle Towel, you can feel the fibers grabbing your skin. That’s microfiber’s powerful attraction. The Miracle Towel is unbeatable at dusting the interior or exterior of your vehicle. Rather than using a dashboard cleaner, you can wipe down your dash with the Miracle Towel to remove dust and lint. The microfiber grabs and holds dust so it’s removed from the vehicle.

The Miracle Towel will out-dust, out-polish, and outlast any terry cloth towel or chamois. Wash and reuse it countless times – the Miracle Towel will retain its softness and cleaning ability. Like all microfiber, the Miracle Towel has a few simple care requirements: avoid fabric softener and bleach, and always tumble dry on low heat or no heat. For the best results, use Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator to clean and restore the Miracle Towel. It will come out of the dryer feeling as good as new!

The Miracle Towel is ideal for any detailing job. It cleans, polishes, buffs, dries, and dusts better than any other towel you’ve used before. Use the Miracle Towel on your vehicle, your RV, your boat, at work, and at home. The Miracle Towel simply outperforms other towels!

16 x 24 inches

Made in Korea

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Miracle Towel, 16 x 24 inches
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Miracle Towels 3 Pack
6 Pack Miracle Towels
Miracle Towels 3 Pack

Miracle Towels 3 Pack

(3 Reviews)
6 Pack Miracle Towels

6 Pack Miracle Towels

(4 Reviews)

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Miracle Towel, 16 x 24 inches
4.5 Stars based on 18 Review(s)
Wellesley Island, NY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works great!
July 31, 2016
Buffing wax off is a breeze with these towels.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nice buffing towel
July 26, 2016
Despite me only using this towel but a few times,I WILL say,that the difference in the "pile" size of one-side compared to the other,is definitely substantial!!! Using the higher-pile side first,to remove any kind of "thick" wax/polish off your vehicle,it does JUST what it says it should do!!! Once You remove the "haze" of the wax/polish,You simply flip the towel over to the shorter-pile side and finish buffing it to a spotless gleam!!!
Works well and does NOT easily "dirty" itself up! LOVE the easily removable "tag" off it,so You don't have to worry about scratching anything when using it!
Haven't found one yet!

richard wenrich
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

miracle towel
July 25, 2016
it does a great job very happy with the product

3 Stars

nice, but...
March 19, 2015
Nice towel, but not at 12.99. If I paid full price I would have been very disappointed.

Charlotte, NC
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 27, 2015
super soft.... Very impressive
so soft you want to use it as a personal towel
softer than my bath towels.... Jealousy

Houston, Texas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Faithful towel
December 1, 2014
If you can only affort a few towels these are good choice
Good for polish and wet wax sprays

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My Favorite Buffing Microfiber
June 14, 2014
I love these towels! I am a big fan of the Gold Plush towels, but these are my new go-to buffer towel. So soft and plush. I wish my pillows were made of this microfiber. These towels are a bit on the pricey side. I purchased the 3-pack, so there is a price break there. I recommend these without reservation.
Softest, plushest towel; great for buffing;
A little on the pricey side.

Santa Barbara, CA
3 Stars

Picks up way more than water
April 19, 2014
I like absorbancy of the towel, holds a lot of moisture but as a previous reviewer states, "be careful where you place this towel", because it picks up and holds on to anything dried (fibers, plant material, burrs, dirt, etc) and won't let it go even if you wash it multiple times. It's like velcro! Very frustrating. I had hung this on one of my rear view mirrors to dry while drying the rest of the truck, a breeze knocked it off onto the street and now the soft furry side is ruined with plant material that I can't seem to extract! So I only get to use one side of the towel for buffing out wax :(
Great deal, super absorbant
Picks up lint/dirt/dried plant material/threads/anything that isn't attached to the ground and won't let it go! Don't even try and wash it with other laundry if there is a possibility of there being loose material

3 Stars

needs new border
December 18, 2012
great towel. the MF material is some of the best on the market. super absorbent and pulls off wax.polish or any other product with ease and never scratch's or l lints. I would easily have 20 of these towels if it wasn't for the harsh border thats surrounds them. its some sort of hard, stiff and scratchy border that does not pass the CD test. Marrs the heck out of a CD with next to no pressure. After realizing this I dedicated them to the tatty towel bin which is a shame considering how fantastic the MF material is. The description is incorrect, the border is not MF material...I do with it was.

5 Stars

September 15, 2012
What can ya say about a MF towel? Well it works great at taking off wax! Used the fluffy side first then buffed the whole car with the smaller nap side. Turned out AWESOME on the black car I just did with it.

4 Stars

Die hard cotton
December 5, 2011
Bought this towel a few weeks ago, just to compare against cotton. will not call it a miracle towel but it does work good. But the down fall of these towels of where you put them, they will pick up any kind of dust lint or grass especially it you have to stop what you are doing and lay the towel down, best suggestion is put it in your hip pocked or lay it on something clean. that is the only downfall that I have with them.

4 Stars

June 12, 2011
When you get this towel you know right away this is not your normal micro towel. This towel is well constructed but only great for use for the out side for drying and for buffing wax. Not good for windows.

5 Stars

Great Towel!!!
May 2, 2011
Best I've used it... flawless! Takes the wax right off, leaving no residue.

5 Stars

Does It All
April 20, 2011
If all the choices of microfiber towels has you mind spinning, this is the towel for you. It excels at everything from drying to taking off quick detailer. The towel is very well constructed, plush and soft. It removes polishes without the need to put a lot of pressure on the towel. If you are just starting out with microfiber, buy a bunch of these and you won't have to worry about running out of fresh towels for any paint related tasks.

4 Stars

Good Towels
September 7, 2010
I bought these a few months ago and before then they were doing fantastic, used them for waxing and buffing a lot. But recently i got loose dirt such as grass, and bits of leaves in them and now i cant get that crap out. Maybe i need to swap to a new cleaner, or find another way to clean em.

5 Stars

Perfect for gloss enhancers and buffing
January 18, 2010
I use these when removing polishes and wiping gloss enhancers between polish layers. They glide effortlessly, easily pickup any polish residue, evenly apply/wipe away enhancers, and feel very nice to the touch. I always keep a couple of these on hand.

Jeremy C.
5 Stars

Awesome, versatile towel.
July 12, 2009
I've only used this towel to remove hand polish, but it works incredibly well, it buffs pretty effortlessly, glides over the paint, and it feels great in your hand too. I like the density of the 530, but the thinness and conformity of the Miracle Towel make it great for use as a high-end general cleaning cloth, or as a great buffing cloth, whereas the 530 seems best suited to just buffing. Amazing towel!

Brian G.
5 Stars

Super Plush
April 26, 2007
This towel is super plush and I use them primarily for wax/sealant removal. Leaves nothing but a great finish behind!