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Made in USA Certification

Made in USA CertificationThe Made in USA Certified Seal is our commitment to you that Pinnacle products meet all the standards to be independently certified as Made in USA.

To receive this certification, products must be made exclusively in the United States of all U.S.-produced ingredients, where possible, and by U.S. workers. Pinnacle has earned this certification after a rigorous evaluation by Made in USA Certified, Inc., an independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting American made products and supporting the creation of jobs in the U.S.. The guidelines utilized in this analysis meet and exceed those of the US Government and the Federal Trade Commission.

To receive Made in USA Certification, products must be certified as having all or virtually all of their core components manufactured or grown in the United States. This includes product ingredients as well as packaging. In addition, 100% of assembly and labor - from direct manufacturing to support labor, like customer service - must be performed in the United States.

Pinnacle Natural Brilliance products are proudly made in the USA. All products are formulated and manufactured here in the US, and all our facilities involved in the processing of your order of Pinnacle products are located here in the U.S. Why? Because it is important to us to ensure the quality of our products through close monitoring of the entire manufacturing process. Pinnacle's Florida-based facilities provide jobs and support economic growth while ensuring a superior product.

With Pinnacle's Made in USA Certification, we can be proud of the products we make and you can depend on their quality.

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