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Griots Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher Review

Griot's Garage 3 Inch Polisher

by Mike Phillips

The new 2nd Generation Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher just arrived and I've been waiting for this little puppy to get here so I could take it for a test drive. I'm happy to say that it matches Griot's description of being *New & Improved* with the primary improvement being that it now has more power.

Like its big brother the Griot's Garage Random Orbital Polisher, the new and improved Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher , (or 3MP), offers enough power to keep a 3" foam cutting pad rotating under pressure as long as you hold the pad flat and even if you get a little edgy with it.

I loved the "idea" of the first generation 3MP but it just didn't have enough umph to make a top shelf tool This new Gen II version fixed that problem by increasing the power enough to enable this new version to keep their 3" foam polishing pad rotating under medium pressure on flat surface with no problem.

I did some experimenting with both firm to extreme pressure and on a flat surface. It will keep the 3" pad rotating - slower than with just medium pressure - but it will keep it rotating. I couldn't stop the pad when working on a flat surface even with a ridiculous amount of pressure.

Here's the point, when working on thin panels to remove swirls you need to keep the pad rotating but you don't want it rotating so fast under pressure that you generate too much heat or you turn the polishing process into a grinding process. In most situations you will be using light to medium pressure and changing your chemical to increase or decrease cutting ability.

It appears to me that Griot's has found the balance between too little and too much and tweaked this new version to work in that sweet spot for good correction ability.

Besides the increase in power there's also

  • 240 Watt Motor
  • 3,500 to 10,000 OPM's - You'll mostly use the 4.6 speed range
  • An improved on/off switch
  • Soft start, constant speed feature
  • An ergonomic built-in grip at the head of the unit
  • 10' heavy duty cord
  • Steel bevel gear drive for smoother operation
  • A standard style backing plate with a 5/16" shaft instead of the previous backing plate that was held on with a Phillips Machine Screw

    Without further ado, here's some pictures...

As it comes packaged...
Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher  box

Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher  in the box.

What's in the box...
Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher  includes a backing plate, wrench, and extra brushes.

The top model is Gen I and the bottom model is the new Gen II version.
Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher  has a new ergonomic design.

Then new Gen II version uses a normal style backing plate like larger dual action polishers instead of a backing plate held on with a Phillips machine screw.
The new backing plate has more contact with the pad. Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher is built more like a full size polisher.
Closeup of Gen II model.
It includes a set of extra brushes.
Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher includes extra brushes.

Testing rotating ability using some Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0.
Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher shown here with an orange 3 inch pad.

On the 6.0 setting working on an A-Pillar.
Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher  is great for pillars and narrow spaces.

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