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Woobie Microfiber Towel, 6-Pack

Woobie Microfiber Towel, 6-Pack
Pamper your paint with the Woobie Microfiber Towel!

The Woobie Microfiber Towel will quickly become one of your most reached for microfiber towels. Not only because of the childhood memories that you associate with the woobie name, but because this towel is so soft it will not scratch or mar delicate finishes. Super soft single stage black paint? Not a problem for the Woobie Microfiber Towel! Wipe off wax and polish residue and buff to a high gloss with confidence!

We’ve all done it: polished our vehicle to perfection only to scratch the finish by using a low-quality microfiber towel. Put an end to that reoccurring mistake by keeping a handful of Woobie Microfiber Towels on hand at all times. This towel is so soft, so supple, and so friendly to all painted finishes that the woobie name was the obvious choice to describe its gentle nature.

The Woobie Microfiber Towel has a medium nap so it won’t feel grabby when wiping off stubborn compound or polish residue. This medium nap also makes the Woobie Microfiber Towel perfect for the final buff. Use the Woobie Microfiber Towel with a high lubricity quick detail spray to remove light dust and fingerprints. The medium nap works to trap dust and dirt away from the finish so you won’t introduce scratches or marring into the finish as you wipe. What’s more, the edgeless design ensures no part of the towel gets snagged on emblems!

Microfiber towel collectors will appreciate the Woobie Microfiber Towel because it does not lint! Pair the Woobie Microfiber Towel with a quality microfiber detergent and you’ll enjoy years of safe buffing and polishing.

Transform your fear of buffing and polishing black paint into a hobby while you enjoy the soft, plush nature of the Woobie Microfiber Towel!

16 x 16 inches

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Woobie Microfiber Towel, 6-Pack
Item #: MF-WB16-6
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Woobie Microfiber Towel, 12-Pack
Woobie Microfiber Towel, 12-Pack

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Woobie Microfiber Towel, 12-Pack

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Woobie Microfiber Towel, 6-Pack
3 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Robert Ziegler
Upstate New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent Product
March 9, 2016
Cleans just as it says.

Dunedin, Fl
2 Stars

Should have read the reviews first!
June 29, 2015
Poor at best. Towel seems to drag on any surface and lots of lint produced.
None that I can see. They will end up as a fancy shop rags.
Find another towel!

5 Stars

The softest towel ever
September 9, 2013
After purchasing 6 of these last year they soon became my favorite MF for that final wipe down after using V7 detail spray, and I have a garage full of MF towels accumulated over the years. I did order 6 more recently and there was an issue with quality, but with a call to AG customer service they replaced them with 6 new ones with no problem. Great product and great customer service.

1 Stars

Last purchase was junk
September 8, 2013
I purchased 6 of these towels last year and I liked them very much. I use them as a final wipe cloth after an initial wipe down of detail spray. Just purchased 6 more in a BOGO deal and these are junk. One edge on each towel looks like it was hand trimmed with kitchen shears. Ragged and material falling out as if they would shed forever. Definitely looks like a second. Even a different looking material than the first batch. Autogeek made me take digital photos and submit for review, but so far I haven't heard back. If they do not replace or refund my purchases from Autogeek will be over. Stay away from Woobies until they straighten them out.

2 Stars

Not impressed
August 25, 2013
Too soft with no backbone. Basically as soon as it gets wet, even with an instant detail spray, it sticks to the surface of the car. It won't wipe easily as the top of the towel slides but the part in contact with the car stays put. Terrible in my use. I won't buy any more. Also. It sheds. Horrible product